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Trev's interview Part Four

Friday, January 24, 2014

Where I answer two questions from Kyliecat. Do you feel that losing weight can be an art as well? and how do you compare your weight loss journey to writing a melody or painting a picture?
and two questions from Juliamoonchild, What is your favourite Past-time, apart form poetry and music? and What makes you Proud?
I hope you like this section where I reveal a little more about myself.
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  • no profile photo CD12499805
    When we meet people online, sometimes we don't know if what they are saying is "real" or not, who they really are, etc. Before your vlogs, I had a real sense about you because I can tell when people just write fast answers back to me or take the time to write, and I always could tell that you took the time not just to write to me but your blogs too. The vlogs bring your personality forward, the real person I perceived while reading your blogs and your comments to me, and I appreciate the courage it takes to do a video and post it online.

    Give my love to your lovely wife and children, and I wish you the best as you continue to create new songs. I hope you make some good money too with your new project. emoticon emoticon
    2549 days ago
    Trev my Good Fellow , I am honoured , Notice that in honor of you I added the U ! that you added not one but a pair of the blinkin things ! I am glad you liked my house maybe you can come over sometime and have a chin wag with a cuppa !
    Cheerio ! Your mate Kylie ! emoticon emoticon
    2552 days ago
    We've been hit by more snow and I just came in from shoveling and ended up putting my car in a ditch. walked back to the house and decided to Spark and found your post. I appreciate your references to measuring achievement in different ways. I was very frustrated when I made it back to the house knowing that I would not make it to the gym today to exercise...then after reading your blog ..well, with all the shoveling and walking in the snow up and down a hill this morning for over 1.5 hours...I get the idea. A year ago I would have been calling for help, today I have become so much more physically fit that I was able to work on the walks and vehicles by myself. It was exercise...just a different sort. I like your attitude. I appreciate the positive qualities you display. thank you for the work you've put into a healthier life and for sharing it with us. Have a great day and Keep Sparkin'!!
    2552 days ago
    I am really enjoying and appreciating these vlogs. I hope that after Part 5 you do another series. It's been great getting to hear your words and see your mannerisms. You are such a wonderful person and have such a gift. I'm so glad our paths crossed in the SP universe, Trev. It's just such a joy!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2553 days ago
    ... OK .... you know I loved this particular installment of your interview and you know why, of course emoticon ....
    But apart from the obvious egotistical reasons (mine), I found the last part of this interview to be truly profound. Admittedly, it had quite an affect on me. In fact, tears suddenly welled up in my eyes. Oh not the kind of tears that actually trickle down your face, mind you, for they are common tears. But, instead, the kind of tears that come to us when a thousand words expressed will simply not convey exactly what we are feeling. You see, I read those words ... "if somebody has not smiled for a month and they raise a smile – that’s achievement", and although I know you were speaking to all of us here and all who see this vlog, I could not help but take it personally. Reading those words, I felt something that I have simply not felt in ages - legitimized and acknowledged for my humble efforts. That is such a wonderful feeling - Being acknowledged - And then to not only be acknowledged but to also have the feeling of achievement - because you have been acknowledged as having achieved! it is amazing perhaps only to those who have rarely heard praise, but praise indeed is mighty feast. And what a banquet I found on my spark page when you praised me for moving forward - when I had only been cleaning carpets!

    To go about life these past many weeks just taking care of the most ordinary and mundane aspects of daily life, while feeling somewhat like a fish out of water, was not the type of accomplishment that would merit praise from anyone - yet you have given it before this vlog was written and again here in your beautifully expressed words about achievement and what makes you proud.
    Well, I'm am so very proud you, my friend, for, as you say - "anyone who can achieve weather it is within yourself or weather you can help any others to achieve so achievement is -" and you surely helped me to achieve far more than I thought myself capable of at present.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    You are a gift!

    2553 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8730394
    emoticon Trev!
    You certainly put your heart and soul into your blog/vlogs! emoticon
    2553 days ago
    2553 days ago
    Came across your blog, and find your journey amazing. You have a lovely gift in the ability to convey your thoughts. Thank you for sharing.
    2553 days ago
    Trevor, I am truly enjoying your interview segments. Of particular interest is likening weight loss process to art.

    Thank you for sharing these with us.
    2553 days ago
  • TREV1964
    So part four is finally up and running - loading it took nearly three hours and the script is added underneath - I hope you like it.

    Part Four:


    The next question is from Kyliecat.


    Right OK – what does Kylie have to say?


    Do you feel that losing weight can be an art as well?


    Can it be an art – erm – it’s – I’ve gradually started to think that more - when I started I had to lose the weight that was the main thing for me to do. In terms of the art – yes in some ways because when you are involved in the art you often have restrictions where you have to create something from less than what you would normally have and if you put that on a parallel with losing weight where you are restricted to the amount of calories or restricted to the type of food that you eat and so to create something really good from ingredients that you otherwise would not think of using then yes there is an artistic form of that I suppose in making a presentation so the dinner looks nice and to make something that tastes nice even with ingredients that you may not think are nice so yeah – there is some art form in that I guess so I would go with that and I am learning as I’m going – OK next.


    How do you compare your weight loss journey to writing a melody or painting a picture?


    In a very similar way to what I just described – loosing the weight as I said was the main thing I had to do but when you start to write a melody you get an idea so you get that idea down – and then you push on with different things and experiment will this work with that? If I put them both together – will this bass line work – well it’s the same thing – you’ve got some food there that is relatively good for you that tastes pretty good now what else can I add with that so you build and construct a meal in a similar way in which you would build and construct a melody. OK – that is about the best I can do on that one. That’s quite a tricky one thinking about it. OK and what next?


    The next question is from “Juliamoonchild”


    Julia – yes I have been in contact with her quite a bit recently – lovely lady – an absolutely lovely lady – she looks like Meryl Streep by the way actually OK Julia - what has Julia got for me?


    What is your favourite Past-time, apart form poetry and music?


    Right OK there are quite a few – Cookery – I love cookery – mainly vegetarian cookery and that comes from years ago when I worked part time with a Cordon-Bleu chef and I learnt a lot from this fellow and I experiment and my family are my guinea-pigs when it comes to eating – None of them are dead yet so I’m not doing too bad a job – erm – so – I have fun with that – that’s one thing. Snooker – erm – I am not sure in the states how you are aware of but it is a bit like pool but it is a bit more sophisticated – it is on a bigger table and it’s a bit more tricky – I enjoy snooker – erm – I enjoy photography – especially taking nature shots and things and I enjoy travel – erm – I haven’t done a lot of it recently outside the UK but I do enjoy travel when I get the chance. – so – next.


    What makes you Proud?


    One word – achievement – now achievement can be measured by anybody for instance – if somebody has not smiled for a month and they raise a smile – that’s achievement – if someone goes for their very best shot and achieves even more – no matter what their field is and they achieve – that’s important as well – so I think – yeah - achievement anyone who can achieve weather it is within yourself or weather you can help any others to achieve so achievement is – yeah - OK

    Well that is part four - part five - the final part will be added in a few days time so in the meantime enjoy this part.

    Many thanks and love to you all.


    2553 days ago
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