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I've found the magic potion to become younger

Friday, January 24, 2014

So motivated by all the feedback!

Thank youuuu!

I am so much moved with all the response on my previous blog on the learning of two year maintenance!

It is so much encouraging!

Sometimes, I tend to feel that I'm alone with all my ideas and projects.
Especially with those that now are really at the core of a healthy living. But as the society around us facilitates overeating, sitting in the sofa, cars, I often feel that I'm going against the wind, or that I'm the only one around.

It's so good to hear your voices. It makes me remember that I'm not alone. For example with the car free living, I'm so happy to learn that there are so many of us out there who do the same way. Cities and towns are fully organized to make easier to park, to get through by car, and not to make it easy for pedestrian or bike transport.
The average response I get is that it's a crazy idea, and it doesn't work. Or maybe it works for me, because I'm special, but otherwise it doesn't work.

Haha, I'm special! :-)

But I also see more and more the possibilities, and my ears and eyes notice more things about healthy living. For example, this guy from Japan is going around the World on a foldable bicycle! This is something I was thinking, it would be much easier to go around with a foldable bike when touring, but I was sceptical. But if he could do 50 000 km so far, it must be working!

At the moment I'm on the train (public transport, walking the talk) to Frochtenstein (near Wien), for my weekend training with Contact Dance. The training is for teachers and trainers, to both learn more Contact Dance, and also to enable to incorporate movement in whatever training or teaching we do.

Constant movement from Friday late afternoon to Sunday late afternoon. What I really like about this program that although I move a lot, it doesn't feel like workout, it's just what I do. Although, I move 6-8h a day, or if I stay up for the jam on Saturday night, even more... why there's a limit of 120 min on the SP Fitness Tracker? :-)

And I also bring my own food, it's an extra bag, but I have all the food I want for the weekend. Lots of vegetables, apples, oranges, puffed rice, dark chocolate and granola for the breaks, couscous, low fat cheese... and I also have my scales with me (both the kitchen scale and body scale), so I can weigh whenever I want.

STRIVERONE wrote in a comment that I look younger... this is something I noticed lately, too, that the more healthy things I do the younger I look and feel. Before, when I was 33 and overweight, round, and slow, people easily gave me 40 years. Now, I'm 37, but people often give me 33, and 37. I also feel much younger. Instead of being worried about the future, I'm so much full of energy that I rather see all the possibilities, things I can do, explore, and try.

This is from our bike-walk-bike combo from last weekend with my wife. It was unusually warm here, almost like Spring, so we used the opportunity to make a ride to the river Raba.

Yesterday (Thursday), I just noticed that thanks to the standing desk, I was in movement the whole day! I didn't sit for a second! And it was not because of effort, it was because it felt natural that way. If you were thinking about a standing desk, my recommendation is to go for it!

OK, let's keep on sparking!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Totally agree with you Oliver! I feel (and think I look) younger at 37 than I did at 33 too. It's amazing what getting to a healthy weight and following a healthy lifestyle can do for us inside and out!
    1530 days ago
    I enjoyed your blog! Great that you are always looking for new things to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.
    1542 days ago
  • BABARR67
    Well Oliver, you got me thinking. I love it! I have been ruminating on changing my career to make living a healthy lifestyle my job. Your ideas for walking/biking/pt are brilliant! And though I cannot change my location nor my job right now, I am going to make a list of how I can incorporate healthy habits into my work until I can make that change. After all, life doesn't wait for us. I am going to think on it and blog on my page. Thanks for the great ideas and best wishes to you and your wife.
    1544 days ago
    Healthy living is, indeed, the secret for feeling and looking younger. It's simply what our bodies are intended to do. We're not made to sit all day and load our stomachs with highly processed food. Our muscles and our hearts hate that and they respond accordingly: getting old faster!
    The car-free living is part of my lifestyle, too, and believe me, in Athens that's not an easy thing at all! But I would never want to be like people who are totally car-dependent and use their cars for a half-kilometer distance! I love walking!
    Let's keep on sparking our way to a healthy living!
    1544 days ago
    Well said. My fountain of youth is teaching. The students never get any older to neither do I :-)!
    1548 days ago
    for once a man who carries a lot of bags :)
    1548 days ago
    Oliver...I agree...not only do we feel younger we look younger!!! Nice bonus! emoticon
    1549 days ago
    It is indeed a great thing to be part of the Spark community!
    Enjoy your trip and dance the night away!
    1549 days ago
    Great idea on keeping the measurement tools with you. No matter how long I do this I tend to estimate high if I don't measure. You are definitely right - we need to move more.
    1549 days ago
    Very insightful blog Oliver. You are right, our society encourages us to be sedentary, to sit sit sit. We park as close as possible to our destinations, we take the elevator. In the U.S. we go to the drive through and order our large fat filled meals. I admire your lifestyle and I hope to find more ways to incorporate activity into my life.

    Thank you for being an inspiration Oliver!
    1549 days ago
    Very cool.....it's not about our chronological age....it's about our physical age...the age our body THINKS it is!
    1549 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Great blog , thank you, and I like the idea of constantly moving
    I am trying , my hardest here. LOL Most days. emoticon
    1549 days ago
    Cool and neat! emoticon emoticon emoticon Better believe I'm sippin' from that same fountain of youth. emoticon Haha

    Keep up the hard work! emoticon

    1549 days ago
    I've missed your blogs! I'm glad that you have done so well with your maintenance and, now that I'm back sparkin', I look forward to reading more of them!

    1549 days ago
    Very energizing attitude!
    1550 days ago
    Thanks to spotting KANOE10's visit to your blog I have discovered yet ANOTHER successful maintainer to follow!

    My weight loss has been quite a journey, but I have yet to achieve what I can consider my goal weight or any true semblance of maintaining.

    But I am on my way and am building tools & strategies I feel will bring me to this stage.

    STRIVERONE is another buddy who lives relatively nearby...we've enjoyed some pleasant cycling outings together! :-)

    Thank you for sharing your success, enthusiasm and SPARK!

    1550 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I am impressed that you take your scales with you as well as healthy food. I am thinking of getting the scale you mentioned to check my vmi and hydration daily. Your stand up desk is inspirational. Fortunately I am a teacher and stand most of the day.

    I am sure you look younger! I know I look younger with my weight loss.

    You are successful and inspirational. Enjoy your contact dance!
    1550 days ago
    Great job and blog! Having others' support is one of the things I like best about Spark. People don't judge or think you have a "problem" because you track food and exercise. Keep doing what you are doing! It's obvious that it's working for you!
    1550 days ago
    Great blog and I love how you have always walked the walk and talked the talk. I'm going to check out that foldable bicycle.

    1550 days ago
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