Eliminating Excuses

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Most people I've talked with, including myself, have tried many diets in the past. In many cases, they were quite successful in losing weight, but either quit before reaching their goal, or reached their goal, but didn't maintain the weight loss. I've heard so many excuses, and when you hear them, most of them sound legitimate, but are they? If you are 100% committed to losing weight and keeping it off, no excuse should keep you from that. So, today, I challenge you to make a list of the reasons you quit a diet, didn't keep the weight off, ate something you knew wasn't going to help you achieve your goal, or skipped a workout. With rare exceptions (serious personal illness, pregnancy, disease, etc), these are all excuses (yes, even the tough ones like having a relative die or losing a job - it is still possible to eat healthy and lose weight during stressful times). Now review the list of excuses you wrote down and make a commitment today to never let those hold you back again. And, recognize, in the future, when something that has the potential to derail your efforts is just an excuse, and take steps to avoid using it as one. We are all responsible for our thoughts, habits, actions, and beliefs. We can choose how we respond to situations and whether we will do/eat what will help us reach our goals. So, take charge of those excuses and move forward on your journey without them.

All the best,
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  • HHOLT6
    emoticon important things to think about.... and take action!
    1569 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I always regained weight after my many surgical layoffs, but in 2012, when I had no less than three surgeries I didn't gain an ounce in spite of no exercise! It can be done -careful food tracking, weighing and measuring everything did it for me -I had no excuses to go over my calorie range!
    1578 days ago
    That is so true, GLOYNBYW! I am proud of you for not letting others influence you! And, if you are truly motivated to make a change, it doesn't matter if the food tastes like cardboard and you have to take 10 vitamins a day - best if both of those things aren't true, but if they are, so what?! - how bad do you want it, right? One of the things I always told myself in a previous job was that I couldn't be expected to try to lose weight when I was under so much stress. And, there was always some event that came up that prevented me from started, or once I got started, something I allowed to derail my efforts. That's why being aware of the excuses, and knowing that's just what they are, is so key to long-term success. Sometimes, it seems we're just looking for an excuse (that one exercise we can't do or food we just refuse to eat) to allow ourselves to do whatever we want to. That's when we have to remember why we're doing this and keep going! And, it sure is nice to have Spark to find friends who can help encourage us. Keep it up!!
    1579 days ago
    1579 days ago
    Wow, that is pretty much the blog I almost wrote today. I was talking to a friend, she wants to lose weight but always an excuse. She tried Spark, saw one exercise she couldn't do and some foods she didn't like. Therefore the whole site is worthless. I sure can't do every video nor do I care for every recipe but I find things I like. She is sick right now, I asked if she took vitamins, nope, she can't remember so not worth it. Yes at times I forget but it's become a habit now. I am 53, I can't do 5 minute miles, I can't do high intensity but I do what I can every day. I would love some workout machines, can't afford them but that doesn't mean I just give up.

    I also know my husband tries to derail my weight loss. He is very overweight, diabetic and not doing anything to lose. He actually eats more when I eat less to show me he can do that. I am no longer letting it stop me. I will be healthy, I will look good, he can join me or not. But he will not influence what I do.

    1579 days ago
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