And Here It Goes Again.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Once again, I am down to zilch on the Spark radar...just not here, other things are higher on the priority list...

I think I forgot to mention here (as I have in other venues, online and in real life) that I got married in July. Happy, here.

Getting married = new home, new routine, new person in my space. That seems to be a fairly smooth road, our place is lovely and we like each other. :)

Job #1 is fine, just buried under everything to be done.

Job #2 is good, figuring out how to deal with a board member with dollar signs in their eyes. That should calm down once he realizes we don't have any money!

Job #3 is good, I teach Pilates 2x a week and cycling on Fridays, filling in for other folks' classes when they need it.

Trying to save up for some additional yoga training. That stuff gets very expensive, and I am sticking with my resolution that job #3 is just that - a JOB - and I can only spend what I earn and no more. Otherwise, it is a hobby. Yoga insurance took a bite out of my discretionary training budget so I'm hoping for a comped class at work. *fingers crossed*

All things health and weight are lovely - I realized that my tracker has not budged, and neither has my weight, so I'm calling it a win. Double win that I am maintaining even though most weeks I only manage a session or two of cardio. Those bloodwork numbers are gold-star level, so hooray!

New year plans are...set by my new husband/household executive/social secretary haha. I'm going to keep going what I'm doing, and change if it's not working. That'll do.

Happy (belated?) new year!

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