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Review Of Coach Nicole's 28 Day Boot Camp DVD

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I received this DVD for free from Spark People and did not receive any form of payment for my review.

I enjoyed doing this review and enjoyed the parts of the DVD that I personally completed. I did review the entire DVD, including the Bonus sections and the additional hints for success by Coach Nicole. The DVD is broken down into three parts. Everything is listed on a menu so that you can pick and choose the workout that best suits you. I loved this feature! Included on the menu is a 28-day workout plan. This is very helpful, especially for beginners and participants who have restraints on the amount time they can spend on their workouts. I really liked this!

There is an introduction that explains that the workouts are presented with three different levels. The levels are beginner, intermediate and advanced. Coach Nicole usually models the intermediate level and two other fitness instructors model the beginner or advanced levels.

First, the DVD begins with a warm up. This section is approximately 6 minutes long. The warm up section is progressive, so it does actually warm up all of the muscles well. For those participants who are just starting an exercise program, you can actually use the warm up as a short workout. The only thing that I thought could be added to this section, is an alternate position of some of the larger moves, for beginners. I found the warm up to be a great prelude for the workout that followed.

The second section has a selection of workouts to choose from or you are able to do the whole thing if you choose that option in the menu. I completed the first and part of the second workouts in this section and reviewed the rest. The first workout was a little sketchy on the explanation for the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels at first and I kept waiting for some direction. About half way through the workout Coach Nichole directed the viewers to follow one of the other two leaders for alternate body positions. This caused me to have to stop, rewind and look at the other two leaders to figure out who was doing what. Once I did that, I could follow along quite well. The other workouts were quite clear on alternate body positions and since I had looked carefully at the first one, I was able to easily follow the rest of workouts. I found the workouts to be very challenging. Since I can't kneel, I had to skip many of the exercises. I was able to do some of the cardio however. Coach Nicole alternates between several minutes of cardio, weight work by itself and cardio with weights. She does mainly squats and lunges with some light dance-like steps, to exercise the lower body with sections of balance included. This section also includes abdominals, arms, chest and back. The workout section offers a full body workout that is challenging.

The third section of the workout is the cool down. Coach Nicole begins this part by bringing down the heart rate and progressing into a series of stretches for the big muscle groups. I would have liked to see some additional stretches for the arms and neck because these two areas were worked hard during the workout section. She does a good job overall, of stretching out the participant.

At the end of the DVD, Coach Nichole offers tips for burning more calories, some office place workouts and two workouts by guest fitness instructors. Inside the DVD package, there is a little booklet that contains some sample recipes from The SparkPeople Cookbook and an invitation to join SparkPeople.

Overall, this is a good, very challenging DVD. It offers some alternate body positions so that it is a workout that "grows with your fitness level". That means that the viewer can use this DVD without any concern about outgrowing it. It helps our dollars stretch a lot further by being so flexible! It allows you to follow a 28 day plan or you can pick and choose your workout. This is an option I really like. The music is mainly just a percussion beat except in the first workout. In this workout, some words can be heard in the background, which was confusing and distracting. Thankfully, that was the only place it happened. The music was unremarkable for the most part and Coach Nicole could be heard very clearly. Her instructions were clear with enough warning about the next move. The entire DVD flows nicely from one move to the next. Well done Coach Nicole!

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