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Giving myself credit

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Time to do what I know a lot of successful people have done: give myself credit for getting to this point.

I know I'm not any thinner than I was when I started three days ago, but I have already had a lot of small victories that I want to celebrate. If I do that early and often, maybe I will be more likely to forgive myself if I make a mistake in the future, rather than throwing in the towel at the first sign of struggle. I read something recently that said that successful "dieters" who keep the weight off are those people who expect it to be difficult and who stick with it when the going gets tough, "exercising" that will power muscle more and more.

So, in the spirit of starting off on the right foot, here are my small victories so far...
My husband brought home two large hot chocolates after shoveling our car out (best husband ever!), and I only drank half of mine and went without the dessert I had planned to have later that night.
Instead of having Greek yogurt and string cheese as I normally would have with my lunch, I had just the string cheese and a little unsweetened applesauce to feel satisfied.
I've written down every bit of food I've eaten since Monday.
I'm drinking a lot more water more consistently.
I took my dog for a walk today even though it was really cold and snowy and I am already planning to go to a class at the gym tonight.
I bought a pack of gum and have had a few pieces when I've been tempted to snack.
I'm already thinking of some things to try to avoid overeating at a work party that I have coming up this weekend.
We've planned out our meals for the rest of the week-- saving money too!

Things I can still do better...
Eat fewer meals in front of the TV.
Measure portions every single time.
Start drinking some green tea each day.
Add an extra serving of veggies at lunch.

It feels good to see how far I've come rather than how far I have to go, even in this short time. Plus, when the going gets tough, I can remind myself how manageable all these small changes really are.
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