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Trying to help my oldest daughter so she doesn't follow in my footstep of a life long battle with w

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yesterday was pretty busy for me but I had a great time.

I was unable to get my run in. But that's ok, I was going to go spend time with my old daughter Alysha and my granddaughter Rye. Alysha had a couple of appointments so I tagged along so I could watch Rye while she went into her appointments.

One the way back, I bought us Subway. I ordered a roasted chicken flatbread with lots and lots of veggies and 1 slice of cheese and sriracha sauce, that sauce is the bomb.

After lunch, it was homework time. She had some algebra homework to get done and since she didn't get my math gene, I had to help her with it. About 15 problems in she decided it was time for a break. She said lets exercise then we will get back to the homework.

See, I told you it was ok that I didn't go for my run.

I want to fill you in on a little issue my daughter is having. All through out school she was taking medication for her learning disability and more times than not she had no appetite because of it. She was always underweight, in her prom picture you could see her ribs in her chest. Well after graduating her insurance would no longer cover her medication. Within a couple of months she had gained enough weight where she looked healthy. Shortly after that she got pregnant and gained even more weight. Ryleigh in now 14 months old and Alysha is at an all time high.
She went to the dr last Friday and gave her 3 months to lose 20 pounds. I explained that it is totally doable. 3 months is 12 weeks and if she exercised 3-5 times per week and stayed within the 1800 calories limit the dr gave her so could lose up to 24 pounds if she was really committed to it.

While my youngest daughter Noelle was home on leave from the Navy she showed Alysha proper form and gave her a list of body weight exercises. Noelle having been heavy her whole life hasn't lost any weight, but has lost 8% body fat. Proof you can get smaller and never lose a pound. She also gave Alysha her 30 Day Shred DVD, and in my opinion was way too hard for someone who has never exercised and not something she would have been likely to stick to, heck I didn't stick to it. Besides her dad would always let her quit when something got hard. And she didn't stick to it, she only made it through the first few minutes and quit and never did it again.

I knew to try to get Alysha on track was to find something she could do, that she found was fun and could feel was working. I dug through my DVDs and brought her three Leslie Sansone DVDS. Walk and Kick, 5K with a Twist, Walk Strong and 4 Fast Miles. There are two 30 minute DVDs, a 45 minute and a hour.

During our homework break, I chose the walk and kick DVD. When it started she kept looking at me like I was crazy and I was walking in place waiting for it to start. I could tell she was really skeptical about this DVD being any kind of workout. Toward the end of the warm out she was feeling just how effective this workout can really be. About half way through she was getting tired, I told go get a drink and come back and just keep going, slow down if you need to but do. not. stop. She seemed to enjoy it though emoticon

We are going to set her up a SP page. I think it is important for her to have some community support, along with tools and resources to help her be successful. I know she can do this and I will be cheering her one the whole way. I am also convinced that if she loses the weight, she will gain confidence.

Alysha, I am very proud of you and I know you can do this too. Just remember when they told you not to go to college it would be too hard, but you didn't listen. You did it anyways and now you are going to graduate next year. This is just like that, you can do this too!!! I love you baby doll emoticon
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