Where'd my energy go?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So you know when someone that has smoked for a long time quits and they go through withdrawl? Yeah, well I'm going through carb withdrawl. I guess that's possible. My body is so use to getting it's energy from the carbs I consume that it has not energy now.

Day 2 of LC was Monday. I did well. For breakfast I made the cream cheese mock dansih thing, 2 pieces of bacon and a flaxseed muffin. Then I went to a friend's house to make soap. So I wouldn't be tempted to stop and get fast food I brought a hamburger w/ cheese patty we had left over from the night before. I did stop and get a bottle of water and a bag of pork rinds and also took a thing of string cheese. It was all good.

Monday nights at our house is spaghetti night. My dad always has to have it and my kids have come accustom to it as well. So mom fixed their pasta and made us spaghetti squash. Now, for those that don't know... I DO NOT LIKE SQUASH! But since I have to eat something I figured I would try it. She made homemade alfaedo sauce to go on top. It was actually really good. Crunchy, but good. We also had a little salad of romaine and a couple of cherry tomatoes on the side.

Day 3 LC, Tuesday:

This morning I took breakfast to work to fix. Took my eggs, cream cheese, splenda, and vanilla. I made my mock danish thing and re-heated some bacon. I meant to bring a muffin but left those at home. :( I started to get a little hungry around 10a so I ate a string cheese. Then at lunch I had leftover spaghetti squash. Then a little later I ate my turkey and cream cheese roll ups and a couple of cherry tomatoes. Then later on I ate some sugar free jello. I had 1 Coke Zero and a bottle of water.

I don't feel like I'm drinking more water but my urine sure was dilute today. Sorry I know, TMI. But since we're talking about urine, I tested my ketones using the ketone strips - I had trace amounts this morning.

For dinner we had BBQ, without the sauce. Mom tried to make some sugar free BBQ sauce... it didn't work. It was gross. But first we put some of the shredded pork on a romaine leaf but mine kept falling apart and I kept thinking I was missing something. So I then added some coleslaw to it. That made it better. So I just mixed my meat with my coleslaw and it was good. Taking the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. :)

I haven't been exercising because everyone I've read says not to jump into an exercise program if you're not already doing one when you start induction... too much for your body to handle all at once.

I really hope my energy comes back. I just wanted to crawl into a bed and go to sleep today.

Well that's it for today. It will get better! emoticon
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    Woubbie - you're right about the clean teeth thing. I didn't even notice it but as I was reading your comment I ran my tongue across my teeth and you're right! :) They do feel cleaner. Strange, but hey gotta look for the positives. As far as the leafy greens, I'm not much a leafy green person. I did have some romaine with my pork that night and even for lunch today. But I don't like spinach or collards or things like that.
    In fact looking at the list of Atkins approved veggies, the only things I like on there are: Cucumber, Iceburg and Romaine lettuce, broccoli steamed, Parsley( as a garnish/seasoning), pumpkin, spaghetti squash, Tomatoes, and I'm starting to like cauliflower as a substitute for my starches (like fake mashed potatoes). I also like green beans but didn't see them on the list.
    So yeah, I'm probably not getting the amount of veggies in that I need to.
    2438 days ago
    Yes, it will. Your body's struggling to relearn how to burn fat (which is kinda the point, no?), and it might take a few more days for things to smooth out, but start looking for those other benefits. Some of them are subtle - like how clean your teeth feel when they're not coated in sugar and starch.

    One thing you didn't mention much is your leafy greens. Dr. Atkins pretty much insisted that you get low glycemic veggies even on induction levels. You can make a nice dressing out of sour cream and whatever seasonings strike your fancy!
    2439 days ago
    2439 days ago
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