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Scarlet Seals- Weekend Challenge Report to the Community

Monday, January 20, 2014

Scarlet Seals- Weekend Challenge Report to the Community

Our first Weekend Challenge was to start off 2014 on the right path. First we had to set our SMART goals. Then Organize our space for success. Then choose any ONE thing that is holding us back from reaching our goals. And finally, have 4 servings of Vegetables a day. Here is my breakdown of each of these mini-challenges, culminating into the complete Weekend Challenge:

2- Make SMART Goals

1.) My Goal:
I am going to be down to 299 by the end of this summer.
2.) My SMart Goal:
I will lost 63lbs by August 15th.
3.) My SMARt Goal:
To do this, I will lose 10+lbs a month.
4.) My SMART Goal:
I will have to lose over 2lbs a week to achieve this goal.

My SMARTS Goal: why do you want it? Ask yourself the “5 Why’s”

1.) I haven’t been to 299 in over a decade. It’s about time.
2.) I will be able to go to Boston, NYC, maybe even Paris.
3.) I will be into lower size clothes.
4.) I will feel better about myself.
5.) I will make myself proud of my accomplishment. That would be 156 lbs in one year and 192 lbs all together.

Behavior goal 1: I will track everything that enters my mouth every single day.

Behavior goal 2: I will workout 5x a week.

(okay, maybe not this intense)

Behavior goal 3: I will go to OA to continue my healing.

More Strategies for Successfully Achieving SMART Goals:
1. Spread the word – who will you tell? Peter, Lori, Amy, Andrea
2. Be accountable to at least 1 other person – who is your “accountabili-buddy(s)”? Peter

3. Set up a reward system – what will you get if you do your behavior goals? What will you do if you don’t do your behavior goals.

• If I track everything I will reward myself with one “expensive” book a month. If I don’t track everything I will buy a book and donate and put it on the “take a book shelf” at work or take one of my favorite books from home and put it there.

• If I workout 5x a week I will reward myself with one day off a month. If I don’t workout 5x week I will not allow myself to take a day off.

• If I go to OA meetings I will reward myself with a movie a month. If I don’t go to OA meeting not only will I internally know I am not helping myself over the long term, but I will also not be able to go see any movies. If you know my love of film, this is a completely understandable negative reinforcement.

4. Commit to less –
Our natural tendency is to OVERPROMISE and UNDER DELIVER. Do the opposite.
My goal of being at 299 by August 15th is reasonable under these guidelines. If I continue along the same path I’m on now, I will meet that goal by probably June. Then I have under promised and over delivered.

0- Organize- 14 minutes a day

This weekend I’ve been in a very “off” mood so this was more of a “what does Abby need to do to keep herself moving forward”. I have kept the dishes up, swept, done laundry, all basic things but important to me. If those things are not done I get overwhelmed and that could potentially lead to a shut down. I know myself well. Certain things need to be in order or I don’t function at full capacity. A sink full of dishes, an unswept floor, and no clean clothes are a slippery slope to DOOM. I have spent more than 14 minutes each day keeping myself organized and this will keep me moving forward.

1- Choose ONE thing that is holding me back from achieving my goals. Work on this each day and get bonus points for eliminating it the entire weekend.

As I said above, this weekend I’ve been “off”. I am feeling better today but not 100%. What I realized this weekend is that ONE of my things that holds me back is THIS MOOD. I stop tracking, I say screw it, and then downward spiral, all over a couple days of not feeling up to par. It is a repeating pattern with me.

This weekend I decided by hell or high water I was going to keep tracking…and I have. I have been here every day tracking. I haven’t communicated much, but I’ve been here. The Weekend Challenge and my team have stayed at the forefront of my mind. I knew that if I didn’t do at least this, and log in, and track, that in a few days when I get out of this funk I would feel awful.
Since this is Monday and I made myself log in all 4 days AND tracked every day AND completed the Weekend Challenge, I consider this a success.

My other ONE thing is exercise, but that’s a conversation for another time.

4- Eat 4 vegetables a day

This one was easy. I love vegetables.

If you had asked to do 4 fruits a day, THAT would have been a challenge. I did mostly salad, cucumbers, some Steamable sugar snap peas, etc. Nothing fancy, no “recipes” per say. Just munching on cucumbers, a little romaine here, some red peppers there. This one, like I said, was easy for me. I am lucky I like veggies. I know some people who can’t stand them!

Here's to a great week Team! Next up LCW and then Wednesday Weigh In. For THAT, I am ready. Woo Hoo!

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    emoticon emoticon LOOKING FORWARD TO YOU Succeeding!!! Can't wait until you get to this emoticon !!!!! emoticon
    1596 days ago

    Even if you have been in a mood, you realistically looked at where you were at and rose above it this weekend. I hope you are proud of everything that you accomplished!
    1611 days ago
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