Is this him?

Monday, January 20, 2014

So everyone and their dog knows that I've been canine-crazy for a while, and almost desperate. After all, it is now after Xmas. After 15 years of waiting, it has been "you can have a dog" time for just under a month. And I have no dog.


My friend is fostering him. I walked into her place for a visit on Saturday, and she says to me, "Squirrel, I love you, and $350". I knew I was in for something special. And lord is he ever!

She is his foster-mummy, and she won't jerk me around. She's not going to play games, or change her mind. Today, she calls the vet for confirmation of Thesis' spaying/microchipping/up-to-da
tedness, and I am waiting for an email from our building confirming the YES to dogs policy. Wednesday, Bolt (as he's currently known) and Autumn will be coming to my home so that Ashke and Thesis can meet him. Oh... Em... Gee.

"Bolt" is a huskyXshepherd and will probably grow to between 60 and 85 lbs (my guess, substantiated by the rescue)... unless that's malamute, not husky. Then he could be more my size emoticon . He's about 8 weeks old and quite bright. I am really, really excited emoticon

Funny thing: just after I found out that he could be mine, I got an email from the breeder we had intended to visit Sunday. She couldn't make our meeting until just before our dinner reservations.

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