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Walking in circles

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I started writing my mom the email and then quit. I did message her the other day and told her about the urn. She seemed really happy and surprised I thought of the gift. I think I will just do what you guys said and what I have been doing. Talk to her as little as possible and get off the phone when she brings up stuff that makes me feel uncomfortable. I was thinking of trying to email her friend and see what her view on all this is. Her friend lost her own husband a few yrs ago and I am sure she has a clear view of what is going on and she's super close to my mom. I have not quite gotten to that yet. Getting closer though, happy I have her in case I need her.

I bit the bullet this week and had to find a new vet. It was really hard for me. So I went to this vet Scott's dad goes to, he told me the inside looked similar to my dads. My dad bought his office in 1977 and never changed a thing, it was very retro. So I got to this new vet (they opened in 1976) and holy crap, same orange floors, same wood paneling, same off white weird patterned walls u can make out pictures in, same material used around receptionist area. It was so eerie! Also rather therapeutic since my dads office is in the process of being destroyed. Who knew I would find such comfort in 1970's decor. I was terrified they were gonna charge me a ton cuz Ralph is almost 9 and probably needed bloodwork to go under for surgery. But they made it optional, which was nice of them. They removed two skin tags and did he teeth and he came back smelling like flowers lol I was worried about him being a nipper, but he did great! Yay all that worry for nothing.

Food has been pretty ehhh. Weight has still been looming higher. It is winter and I am not as active as summer. I am not gonna beat myself up about it. I am exercising and eating good stuff, just not in small amounts. I saw this buzz feed yesterday that was a list of reasons ppl are not gym goers. One was like "you are grossed out by sweaty machines" uhhhh ya cuz gym goes embrace other peoples sweat, what?? You hate the feeling of sweating. Ok I have heard that one before and come on, until you get over this very normal body function, don't plan on results. You can get in the pool and pretend you aren't sweating. But then again are u just swimming in everyones sweat? ewww gross! Another one was, you hate getting on a machines and being bored. This is why I don't get on exercise machines, unless I have no choice. They are boring, there are other things to do besides exercise machines at gyms. Take a class, I would never have a gym membership that didn't have classes, I wont go. I was listening to a podcast the other day about, what is the best exercise for the short amount of time ppl have to give each day? the answer is, one you enjoy and that you will do. Maybe gyms aren't for everyone but chances are even gym goers see this ridiculous stuff and find ways of making themselves happy....and continue going.

Still continuing my bread experimenting. This was week 50, counting down, I went simple this week and it was amazing! French boule
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    I hope things work out for your mom. I think your idea to consult her friend is a good back up plan. I'm not against religion but I it being used too often as a tool to control people.

    It's great that you found a good vet. It sounds like he really helped Ralph. I have mixed feelings about 70s decor. I actually like expensive paneling. Not into the orange so much. LOL.

    I can't imagine anyone who can be very active outside in this kind of weather. It sucks!! LOL. I do what I can indoors but it's not the same.

    The bread looks beautiful!
    1552 days ago
    Oh my god the bread...

    I'm glad you found a vet you liked :) I am sure it is incredibly painful to go to a new one...
    1553 days ago
    Yeah, keep in touch with your mom but limit it to subjects you are willing to chat about. All the rest - the retro vet office - sounds emotional but I can see how it's comforting too.

    And yay on those gorgeous loaves of bread!
    1553 days ago
  • THESB25
    I think you're doing the right thing with your mom, taking breaks between conversations and just using boundaries. Maybe you can tell her how you feel later or maybe she will just take the hint.

    I've never understood the don't want to sweat thing. Like you said, it's a normal body function!! Really what it comes down to is you gotta just find what works for you. My eating has been blah but I've been walking a lot in the vibrams. Still loving them :)
    1553 days ago
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