Once More, With Feeling!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another New Year, another Get Fit resolution. It’ll happen this time, I swear. (Never mind that I’ve promised the same thing every single year for the last five years or so.)

Like every other year, I’m determined. Unlike every other year, I’m organized. I’ve got a logbook, a calendar, recipe books, a wide variety of workout DVDs, a playlist for skipping rope and running. What else could a gal looking to get ripped need?

I’ve got everything except excuses. I even started my program on a Friday. Didn’t use the popular “I’ll wait ‘til the start of the week” or anything like that. I just got busy with it. One smart thing I did my first day was to only do half a workout and not use weights for the lower body exercises. So glad I went that route. My glutes are sore enough as it is. No need to make them scream and cry. (It’s just so wrong to fear having to sit on the toilet or step over the rim of the tub.)

So my plan is to use the rest of January to ease into my workouts. I won’t push, I’ll just gradually increase duration and intensity. If I’m too sore to do a workout, I won’t sweat it. I’ll just walk that day instead. By the start of February, I should be ready to really go at it.

I’ll be using The Firm, specifically the Sculpt series. Yes, that’s the one with the Fanny Lifter. If that thing can’t give me a decent booty, nothing can. I’ll also be doing a variety of Jillian DVDs. The Firm, I enjoy because I can tell I get results; Jillian, because I enjoy her instruction style and have fun with her routines. I’ll also be jumping rope and hopefully that’ll strengthen my calves and shins to the point where I can start running again. On top of all that, I have a good stretching routine figured out, so I should have a fairly well-rounded exercise regime.

As for my dietary health, I'll be cooking (or eating leftovers) six days a week. At least five of those days will consist of food from the "healthy" menu. I'll allow one day a week to eat from the "not-so-healthy" menu, and one day a week to eat out should I choose to do so. (Who am I kidding by making that a conditional? Of course I will. Come Friday, the only sound in my kitchen will be the echo of feet passing through on the way to the car.)

So all in all, I have a very solid plan. Everything--myself included--is as prepared as I can reasonably get it. I’m so ready to do this thing! Let’s go!
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