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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A while back a SparkTeam I'm on had a challenge. We found recipes and kept it in a Blog and then would post a link for each recipe we tried. We'd take a picture of it and review it. That challenge is over but I have found some recipes I want to try so I thought I'd continue on my own:)

I'm going to add the links to the recipes I want to try and then I will review and add pictures as I try them.

1/20/14 Today I was adding Silk coconut milk to soften my frozen bananas for "ice cream" (recipe from FullyRawKristina and reviewed in my previous clean eating blog) and I realized it had a coconut rice recipe on the carton.

I had coconut milk, coconut oil and coconut shavings. I also had brown rice which I wanted to use instead of jasmine rice and while I have salt I thought it would taste just as good without it. I made the brown rice ahead of time and then followed the recipe on the box minus the salt. Since my rice was already cooked I only used one cup of coconut milk and watched it pretty close.

It was really good and filling. BUT immediately after putting my coconut shavings it dawned on me that I should look at the packaging to see if it really was just coconut shavings and sure enough it is "sweetened coconut flakes" and the actual ingredients are coconut, sodium metabisulfite (for preserving color), sugar, water, propylene glycol and salt. So much for clean. I had this same troubled realization with my dried cranberries which I was able to find in a much healthier form in the heath market of a local grocery store so I'll have to do the same for my coconut flakes.

1/30/14 Three new recipes tried this week.


I made this wrong. First I was reading it on my phone while at the store so I somehow only saw the first two steps. Second, my blender decided it no longer wanted to be with me and got too hot and died. So my mom upon hearing that I needed a new blender system decided she wanted to replace my blender. I now have a Ninja Mega Kitchen blender vs my little cheap one!! SO I reheated the mixture (day later by this time) and blended it thinking based on only seeing the first two sentences that it should just all blended. So I blend and blend but still have flakes. SO I end up pouring it into a jar and whatever flakes were at the bottom of the blender I washed away in my sink. Tasted it once it cooled down and it was pretty plain but I decided after that work I'd let it cool and drink it. Plain, boring but not bad. Now that I was getting the link to add to my blog I found that there are many more steps and I am excited to make it the right time next time. THe pro for me to making it myself is it'll be cleaner and cheaper. A bag of organic, unsweetened cocnut was between $4-6 at my grocery store while a 1/2 gallon carton of nonorganic Silk Coconut milk is $4. I LOVE coconut milk, I could drink it everyday and was buying 2-4 cartons everytime I went to the store. I will rereview when I have made it again:)


This was amazing and will become a regular at my house. I did switch it up a bit. These are the ingredients:

2 small eggplants-used one big one
1 tbsp olive oil-used
1 onion, finely chopped-used
1 garlic clove, peeled and minced-used
1 small zucchini, chopped-used
Pinch of black pepper-used
1⁄2 cup tomato sauce-did not use
1 cup low-sodium petite diced canned-did use, organic
tomatoes (or 4 plum [Roma]-did not use
tomatoes, peeled, deseeded, and-did not use
1⁄2 teaspoon dried thyme-did not use
1 tsp dried basil-used
1 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese-used sharp cheddar
4 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese-did not use

I think this recipe could be switched up in a lot of differentt ways to fit whatever preferences someone has and since it is halves it would be good for partners who want different things if needed.

NOTE: I did not shave off enough of the inside so once it was cooked I had a hard time getting the usable inside pieces off the eggplant. Next time I'd peel it off more. It was still wonderful it just got a little messy:)


AMAZING. It feels like cheating. So so so good. I used to like breaded zucchini at bars but this is even better and of course better for you. Cheap and easy as well. If you are a zucchini fan I highly, higly reccomend. I have made it about four times and was using organic coconut cooking spray and this last time without and it pretty much tasted the same I just cooked it about 8 minutes longer. I watched it closely to make sure it didn't burn. The parm cheese that falls off it will turn brown first so it's a good way to monitor it.


I have not taken a picture yet, I will.

I made the honey mustard. I wanted to cut the recipe in half becuase a lot of her recipes are too big for me. I wasn't thinking about the fact it's a dressing. Anyhoo so when I made it it looked too runny and of course once again I didn't think about the fact that it is a dressing so I added in more mustard seed and dates. Whoops. It tasted great still but when I went to put it on my salad the next day I couldn't evenly distribute it. SO the next day I put it in chicken instead. OMG sooooo good. So not all is lost by messing with the ingredient amounts. And unlike some toppings I've used in the past I didn't have to worry about overdoing it on my chicken because it was healthy and CLEAN. I will be making again as well as trying the others on here.

Note: I do have jars like what she uses and I highly reccomended them for these recipes and for a lot of recipes for that matter.

2/10/14 I found this at my local grocery store in the health section. NOTE I did not make this. I was actually looking for dates and I found an "energy" health bar/nuggets in the same section as dates, apricots, nuts, etc that you measure out yourself. It was maybe $8 a pound or $6, I can't remember. I grabbed half a pound. So yummy. I always want to find or make bars like this and to be able to find something already made, clean and good for me is awesome and so hard to find in boxed bars. So while i didn't make it I thought it was important to add to this blog becuase I think it will be a part of my nutrition from here on out. Great "snack" to take with me when I'm on the go.


raw marinara youtu.be/kgBKRwhy7ok

pina colado smoothie www.12minuteathlete.com/

raw fet alfrado youtu.be/lQJzK4P8N5U

raw choc covered strawberries youtu.be/Q0VCyTXitHM

raw pumpkin pie brownies youtu.be/yRuHl7sf0kM
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