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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Today my mom and I started our journey of low-carb. She's done it in the past and has had great results. So I thought I would try it with her. We went to the grocery store today... spent 2.5 hours in the store. emoticon I was learning to look at the labels and see how many carbs are in servings and how much of that is fiber and how much is sugar.

I have to say, I'm a little upset that I can't have fruit on induction. But I hope I won't crave them too much. I'm hoping to be able to stick with this to lose the weight I need to lose and then be able to make lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy weight.

When we got home we were both starving so we took a leaf of roman lettuce and put 3 pieces of oven roasted turkey breast on it with a very little bit of softened cream cheese. I also added 3 cherry tomatoes to mine. We then rolled it up and ate it. Used pork rhines as our "chips". It was good.

I got some eggs to take to work with me next week and I was going to get some pre-cooked bacon to keep as well. But then my mom said what she will do is cook a bunch of regular bacon and drain it and then put it in a zip lock bag to use later in the week. So I think that's what I'm gonna do.

I also found some recipes that are low-carb so we're gonna try them. Next Friday I have a Scrapbook meeting and we always do "themes". This month is breakfast theme. Of course I'm freaking out because all the breakfast stuff is high in carbs. So I found a recipe for a crustless quiche that I'm gonna try and make to take. If there is nothing else there that I can eat, I can at least eat that. emoticon

So here I go. On this low-carb journey.

On another note... I did 3 of the SP videos yesterday and my legs and butt HURT!!!
Those videos may not be long and you don't always think you're gonna be sore the next day while you're doing them... but they are working for me. I just have to suck it up and push through.
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    Thank you everyone for the support.

    EXOTEC - Thank you for all the ideas. When we went to get some chicken broth at the store we looked at the label and there was sugar in it! So we bought a chicken and are going to cook it and save the broth. So basically we're making our own chicken broth. That way we can control what goes in it. We figured we would cook the chicken and make the rest of the family Chicken and Dumpling and we would eat chicken salad or chicken wraps or something.
    We also had the same idea about the pulled pork wraps. We bought a big roast and are going to do BBQ for the rest of the family and pull some pork off before the sauce is put on for us to make pulled pork wraps or even just put some on a salad.

    I did want to ask you, where did you find the coconut wraps? That sounds interesting.

    SKATER787 - Yes it is surprising how people are miss-informed. I thought the same thing, I could just eat whole grains. Yeah, that didn't work. It's still carbs. My mom did make some Cinnamon flax-seed muffins this morning. They were actually good. I kept thinking I was going to get some taste of banana because it tasted like banana bread... without the banana. She ate her with butter, I ate mine with Cream Cheese... I liked it better with that.

    WOUBBIE - That's a wonderful idea about making the crustless quiche in muffin tins. I think I will do that.
    2442 days ago
    Lots of good advice here, can't remember anyone saying that you may want to take it a little bit easy on the exercise if you feel weak which can be a temporary symptom of your body switching to fat-burning mode. Make sure you are well-rested, keep stress low if possible. The crustless quiche is a great idea. Any combo of eggs, veggies, herbs, onions, garlic and mushrooms and also meats will work for this, essentially a well-stuffed omelett. I bake mine in a baking dish in the oven.
    Watch out for tomatoes a little bit, too many will up the carb level, same with pasta sauce, just a little high in carbs during induction, but ok later.
    2442 days ago
    OK, then. EXOTEC didn't leave me anything to say!


    You'll LOVE the crustless quiche! A lot of folks here make them in the little muffin tins for individual servings. So versatile!
    2442 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14294585
    Ah, you are going to do fine!
    2442 days ago
  • SKATER787
    Yeah, unfortunately most people eat way too much carbs. Blame it on the government for putting out bad advice. I was pigging out on grains without knowing the negative consequences. Although I didn't develop any health problems, I'm sure it doesn't help the pancreas having to put up with the abuse. Good luck.
    2443 days ago
    Reading those nutrition labels can be a real shocker, can't it! It's an obsession for me now. Not just how many carbs, but what's considered a portion or serving... at one time, I figured a can of something was what the nutrition label covered. Ha.

    Your mom has the right plan for the bacon. I happen to really love Wright's™ brand. I get it at Sam's™ or WalMart™. I know I've seen it in other groceries, but I can't remember which one(s). Anyway, I buy the bulk or double packs, and *bake* it all. Takes me most of the day! But then we break the pieces in half and put them in little plastic storage boxes. I will eat them right from the fridge that way, but my husband likes them crispy, so he pops them in the toaster oven for a few moments. Comes out like just-cooked. I've put some in plastic bags, but we jostle things around so much in our fridge that those slices end up being good for nothing but salad topping after a day or so. The Wright's™ is thicker, too. Holds up better, in addition to being absolutely delectable!

    Don't worry about the fruit. You will be able to add some back after you get past induction. Just try to avoid the really sugary ones at first. Berries are your best bet there.

    Have you tried guacamole on your sandwiches? it's not just a dip! I absolutely LOVE thinly shaved turkey with guacamole and homemade mayo, paper-thin cucumber slices, whatever other veggies you like; watercress makes a nice nippy addition... cram all that stuff in a wrap (I use coconut wraps)! oooo that's some good stuff. Put a bunch of bacon on there! I like to use Dill Havarti for cheese. Sometimes I spread some Laughing Cow™ cheese in there instead. Low-carb or not, I don't think I can do better for a poultry sandwich than that!

    Try some (homemade) buffalo chicken with salsa in a wrap. I like pulled BBQ in a wrap too... although I think BBQ sauce is probably off the induction list, just because most have sugars in them. You can check the label. If you like Italian flavours, try some beef or pork with tapenade or pesto. I've made some pretty good "Cubans" with the appropriate fixins in wraps. I'd rather have the traditional pressed version, but mine still have that taste.

    If you like lettuce wraps, you can also try the "buttercrunch" or Bibb type. It's a little softer than romaine for times when you don't really want all that crunch. For that matter, even though there's not much nutrition in it, the large iceberg outer leaves work pretty well as wraps, too.

    Be a bit lenient with yourself on the exercise while you're adopting LC. Your body needs to be focused on the changes you're making in its nutrition. One thing at a time!

    And don't forget that LC changes the way we metabolize some micronutrients. Be sure you're getting enough salt. The best method for that is in broths, especially bone broths. That will help minimize the "flu" that some people experience during induction (it's not flu - it just has similar symptoms while you adapt).

    I'm so excited for you in discovering all the great foods you'll soon be enjoying!
    I hope you'll keep posting and let us know what you've found!

    2443 days ago
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