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Cooking bones to make bone broths

Friday, January 17, 2014

My Mom used to do this but I have not done it. I have some peas to make pea soup and I wanted a ham bone. It was not that easy to get at my supermarket. I will keep trying. I was told when the butcher was in he could help me.

I did not know bone broths have calcium! I did not know other countries drink bone broths often and get calcium from this instead of dairy products. Hmmm...


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    My Mom did that. She never used distilled water. She lived to be 95 and my dad 96.

    To me that is a great age. God says that over 70 years is a bonus in the word of the

    Lord. I am 72. So I am blessed.

    So what you gals write how you prepare it. It is good calcium..

    Makes awesome soup.

    Also the neck and giblets out of the turkey. My Mom removed them washed them and then boiled them with water.

    Mom used to make her gravy for turkey out of them and broth for soups also.
    She fed six of us. Plus the family. Uncles and aunts and neighbors at Christmas and Easter..

    Men in military did not use distilled water. They used what water they had.

    Men will be men.

    Enjoyed your blog.

    I know people use the distilled water. I have friend who use it. I have tasted it. Yuks at her place.
    Sorry it was not my cup of tea.

    I know people believe in all those remedies. Yet all my friends God loved them.

    They had more colds then I had in my life time. To each there own.


    1558 days ago
    I usually use the chicken carcass to make broth, but I have never simmered the bones for as long as the recipe recommends. A couple of hours usually for me! Recipe recommends 24 hours, I can't imagine cooking it that long. Maybe the author has a wood stove?
    1559 days ago
    I still have the remains of the Christmas ham in the frig. You have motivated me to cook it all up for soup.

    Hope we both have something tasty later on to enjoy!

    1559 days ago
    Never heard of bone broth until this morning... honestly, an hour ago I finished reading a blog by Dr. Eastes who said the bone broth was so excellent for low carbers! Wow & hear you are making it. Enjoy!
    1559 days ago
    1559 days ago
    I keep the ham bone from the ham at Easter or some other holiday. Wrap it in freezer paper. Then use it for ham and bean soup made in the crock pot at some point later.

    I also keep the chicken bones when I buy the store cooked chicken --- add some left over vegetables (onion, celery, carrots)---let cook all day with water in the crock pot and strain for homemade chicken stock.
    1559 days ago
    I have just started doing this with all the bones from the meat I purchase. It is a great way to make low sodium broths since I'm not supposed to have much salt in my diet and far more economical than buying the canned low sodium broths. My crock pot is on the counter all the time. LOL!
    1559 days ago
    With most bones, try roasting them first. The roasting improves the flavour and generally the colour, too. If you can, get the butcher to crack the bones so that more of the insides will leach out making the broth better for iron AND calcium.
    1559 days ago
    Yes our forebears knew so many healthy things we have lost & need to return to . . . slow food, healthy food, GMO free food . . .

    My dad talked about men in the military (WWII era) volunteering on a kitchen list when the cook would make beef veggie soup; the cook would saw the bones and then the men would take turns stirring the bones. I don't remember the time frame. All night? 24 hours? The men loved, loved, loved that soup - there were always plenty of volunteers.

    So my mom always bought cheaper cuts of beef that included the bone, to make soup. Like bone-in chuck roast.

    I have heard about adding a splash of vinegar, to things like chicken bones and turkey bones, to leach out the calcium. Try the crock pot for making chicken broth and turkey broth, with the splash of vinegar.
    1559 days ago
    I haven't looked at your link yet, but you can add a bit of vinegar to the water to help leach the minerals out of the bone... thats what I do.

    I also use distilled water to make broth, it doesn't have fluoride and its more acidic which helps get the calcium and other minerals out of the bone.

    Collard greens are also very high in calcium.

    : )
    1559 days ago
    1559 days ago
    Caution, it sounds like it might be addicting...be a shame if it were only a marrow escape? sorry......
    1559 days ago
    I have roast and ham bones saved in my freezer. Also poultry carcasses.
    1559 days ago
    I have always made broths, from the carcass of whatever meat we have for dinner. My husband and kids wait for the turkey rice soup, after Thanksgiving..more than the Turkey Thanksgiving feast. I have a big container of turkey stock (and also one of vegetable stock) in the freezer now.

    But I have never bought just the bones. I'm wondering how they price them.. are they very reasonable?

    It's funny, my older daughter and I were talking about broth and stocks today. My daughter made clam potato chowder for dinner tonight...using a chicken stock out of her freezer, was saying she prefers to use a ham bone, but thought the chicken stock tasted just as good.. She was wishing she had my vegetable broth to do a chowder with shrimp and corn for next week.
    1559 days ago
    My Mom always made broth from the leftover bones. She especially loved to make pea soup with a ham bone, something my oldest offspring still does almost every time she has a ham.

    I love broth made from our poultry or beef bones, but I detest pea soup, so when we have a ham with a bone in it, I use it and any left over pieces of the ham to make a tasty ham and potato soup.

    This was a great article to read, and gave me some new ideas about cooking the bones. Thanks for sharing it with us, Chris!

    1559 days ago
    Bone broth is amazing, and you can make it from so many kinds of bones.
    1559 days ago
    I make my own broth a lot. I buy bone in hams, beef, chicken, turkey and even pork roasts and use leftovers to make soup. I love being able to clean the fridge, add more veggies and make a meal out of almost nothing. It's cheap and easy. My Noni taught me to cook not by the book but by my hand. Put in everything you want to get out of it. Very few meals have not been successes, we still ate them and then discussed how to make them better.
    1559 days ago
    emoticon I never understood why people would want boneless roasts! Good for you. Enjoy! Gelatin is good for your nails and hair BTW
    1559 days ago
    1559 days ago
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