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This Is A Test

Friday, January 17, 2014

I'm interrupting my series looking back at old blogs in order to share a current challenge that I face.

I've been fighting scaly rash (I've had several diagnoses including eczema) on my hands for several years. It is much better. In November, shortly after I ran the Lakeland Half Marathon, my daughter gave me a massage and told me she thought I was getting the same crud on my feet. It's gotten worse, thick and hard, splitting open. Recently I've have blood on my socks after a good run and some discomfort. So today I went back to the dermatologist. The treatment I'm afraid will be an ordeal.

You know how this week I declared for the first time that I truly believe I will not gain back the 80 pounds? Well, I now face a major test. I'm being put on steroids. I spent many years, actually decades, weighing between 160 and 190, but in 1998 when I was on steroids I gained up to 212. The doctor admitted I will be hungrier, but said I should not "gain 10 or 15 pounds."

How do I deal with feeling hungrier? Here are my strategies:
1. First, I'm going back to tracking. I had been trying WW's Simple Start and having some success with maintaining without tracking. Now is not the time to carry out that experiment.
2. Drink even more water. Carry around a water bottle all day.
3. Eat small meals/snacks each with some protein throughout the day. Three meals and three snacks every day are acceptable.
4. Keep up with the running and exercising. 600 exercise minutes per week, including 3 runs, is good.

Another wrinkle in all this is that I was called for federal jury duty in Tampa. I am not a good driver and I hate big city driving. (I called a shuttle and found out they would charge $180 one way to transport me. Not happening.) It will inconvenience my husband since we only have one car and it will cause major problems for my daughter. Right now the only child care acceptable to her is me or her taking time off. Hope she doesn't lose her job over this. It will undoubtedly be stressful just getting there and I can't imagine it being a pleasant experience in any way. I can definitely say I have a history of eating when stressed. But I can also say in the last 5 years I have gotten better and better about handling stress in ways other than overeating.

This is certainly a test. It is not a crisis. It is a test for me face and prove I can do it.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yikes, two definite challenges here. I wish I could do something to help. A friend of mine got transferred to a different area for jury duty by explaining her aversion to city driving. She told them she was willing to serve in her local area but not in the city which in her case was Boston. They did re-assign her so that might work for you.
    1612 days ago
    Find out how long you are going to be over in Tampa and I will be happy to help you with the driving. However, if you talk to the supervisor of the jury and explain your issue, you should be excused.
    1612 days ago
    Marsha, I was called for jury duty in Clearwater, FL and I am here with my mother in NC. I called and found out I could be dismissed since I was out of state and also a caregiver for my elder mother. Maybe you can see if they will dismiss you since you are caring for your granddaughter? I agree with driving in Tampa especially if you are unsure where you are going. I did not like going over there and I was just across the Bay.
    Sounds like you also have a great plan for when you need to start steroid treatment. I hope you have a quick recovery.

    Sharon emoticon
    1614 days ago
    You are aware of the side effects of the medication, you have a good plan to make sure you stay in your calorie range and get appropriate exercise. (I can see you jogging in place in the back of the jury room, and running during lunch.) You will handle this with your current usual grace and determination. You've come a long way from who you were and how you responded to stress all those years ago.
    1614 days ago
    Marsha, you are up to this challenge! You already have a solid plan. I hope you can get excused from this round of jury duty. emoticon
    1614 days ago
    You've gotten a lot of great comments and I can't really add anything new. But know I am supporting you and hoping and praying for the best! I hope your daughter knows what a treasure you are!
    1614 days ago
    Good planning, Marsha -- I'm sorry you're facing these difficult situations. Tracking is a great way to address the steroids: I just gotta track all the time. And as for the jury duty -- you've been called for the jury pool, right, but not yet actually selected? Is it possible that you can be excused for now because of your child care responsibilities? I think you could be here in Ontario provided that when you no longer have preschooler grandgirls, you'd be called again . . .
    1614 days ago
  • WILLIS9301
    Wow, when it rains it pours! I think you are on the right track by having a plan on how to handle these challenges. Even if plans have to be revised they always give me a better sense of control in challenging situations. For me a sense of control keeps me from losing control!

    emoticon emoticon
    1614 days ago
    Oh boy Marsha, what a test. But you know they told me that I might be hungrier and put on weight when they put me on prednisone in June which I am still on. I can say that I haven't gained weight from it at all. I do track everything though and keep up with the exercise. So you got this. You know what to do. Track here on sparks and keep adding things to your favorites list so that it makes it easy to just pull down your list and click off what you eat.
    Best of everything.
    1614 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Marsha, I agree with the others and was about to ask you...I think you could ask to be excused too. Now, in MI after one turns 70 you can automatically exclude yourself...that is the ONLY thing about 70 that I do look forward to... emoticon ...anyway, I believe you can probably be excused.

    You have really been thrown some curves here...but I KNOW you will come out on top. Take this one day at a time...and as active as you are....I think it will be easier than you anticipate... I'm praying for you for either a different solution to this or else for it to be MUCH easier than you anticipate!

    emoticon emoticon
    1614 days ago
    If there is a Chinese herbalist around you, please check them out prior to steroids.

    1614 days ago
    Oh no.... wonder if having to babysit and the medical condition and the distance would all add up to enough to get out of jury duty... I don't know how they decide...I've never been called...

    As for the feet, as a diabetic, I was told to put vaseline on my feet, wrap them in a plastic grocery bag and put a pair of socks on over that for overnite... worth a try, to avoid those steroids.... and also Mary Kay has a night time product that is awesome.
    all the best... 600 min. a week.... wow, no wonder your are keeping off all those pounds. I haven't even been getting 500 a month the last little while, time to ramp it up.

    1614 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear about the foot problem. Of course you'll overcome it. You've probably discussed this with your M.D., but can't that be treated with prescription topical steroid creams? The side effects would be less severe.
    1614 days ago
    Marsha, I'm so sorry to hear about your feet! I hope that the treatment works quickly.

    As Wild4stars mentions, here too in Texas, responsiblity for child care can be grounds for excusal from serving. Is this just the summoning of a potential jury pool or have you been chosen for a trial?

    You have a clear understanding of your priorities and of what you need to prevail. I know that you will.
    1614 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/17/2014 1:43:38 PM
    Sorry for the double post. Here's another hug.
    1614 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/17/2014 1:44:45 PM
    You can tell them at the court what you have just said here and they may well decide it would cause too much of a hardship for you to serve. I've seen people get out of it for much less hardship than you've posted here. It's worth asking.
    1614 days ago
    Solid plan for battling the hungries.
    1614 days ago
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