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Ditch New Years Resolutions Day

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ditch New Years Resolutions Day

When : Always January 17th

If there's a day to celebrate New Years and to make resolutions for the upcoming year, then there should be a day to ditch those resolutions. That's the reason for today.

If you haven't broken or given up all of those New Year's resolutions, you're doing better than most of us. Maybe, you're well along the way to accomplishing them. Maybe, a few are already checked off on your list. Good for you!

For many of us, New Years resolutions are hanging heavily over our heads. They have become a burden, and perhaps were not such a good idea after all.

Then...... of course, there's the New Years resolutions that have already been broken.

If you haven't accomplished, broken, or given up your New Year's resolutions, today is your chance to get out from under them.

Origin of Ditch New Years Resolutions Day:
We found absolutely no information anywhere on the creator or origin of this day. Most likely, the originator made a New Year's resolution to document his day. But,..............

This Day in History January 17th

Giovanni da Verrazzano sets sail westward from Madeira to find a sea route to the Pacific Ocean. (1524)

Henry IV of France declares war on Spain. (1595)

Captain James Cook and his crew become the first Europeans to sail below the Antarctic Circle. (1773)

American Revolutionary War: Battle of Cowpens – Continental troops under Brigadier General Daniel Morgan defeat British forces under Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton at the battle in South Carolina. (1781)

Mexican War of Independence: In the Battle of Calderón Bridge, a heavily outnumbered Spanish force of 6,000 troops defeats nearly 100,000 Mexican revolutionaries. (1811)

A group of Modoc warriors defeats the United States Army in the First Battle of the Stronghold, part of the Modoc War. (1873)

The Citizen's Committee of Public Safety, led by Lorrin A. Thurston, overthrows the government of Queen Liliuokalani of the Kingdom of Hawaii. (1893)

The United States takes possession of Wake Island in the Pacific Ocean. 91899)

El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico becomes part of the United States National Forest System as the Luquillo Forest Reserve. (1903)

Captain Robert Falcon Scott reaches the South Pole, one month after Roald Amundsen. (1912)

The United States pays Denmark $25 million for the Virgin Islands. (1917)

Popeye the Sailor Man, a cartoon character created by Elzie Segar, first appears in the Thimble Theatre comic strip. (1929)

World War II: Allied forces launch the first of four assaults on Monte Cassino with the intention of breaking through the Winter Line and seizing Rome, an effort that would ultimately take four months and cost 105,000 Allied casualties. (1944)

World War II: Soviet forces capture the almost completely destroyed Polish city of Warsaw. (1945)

The Nazis begin the evacuation of the Auschwitz concentration camp as Soviet forces close in. (1945)

The UN Security Council holds its first session. (1946)

The Goldbergs, the first sitcom on American television, airs for the first time. (1949)

The Great Brinks Robbery – 11 thieves steal more than $2 million from an armored car company's offices in Boston, Massachusetts. (1950)

U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower delivers a televised farewell address to the nation three days before leaving office, in which he warns against the accumulation of power by the "military-industrial complex". (1961)

Former Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba is murdered in circumstances suggesting the support and complicity of the governments of Belgium and the United States. (1961)

Palomares incident: A B-52 bomber collides with a KC-135 Stratotanker over Spain, dropping three 70-kiloton nuclear bombs near the town of Palomares and another one into the sea. (1966)

Black Panther Party members Bunchy Carter and John Huggins are killed during a meeting in Campbell Hall on the campus of UCLA. (1969)

Convicted murderer Gary Gilmore is executed by a firing squad in Utah, ending a ten-year moratorium on capital punishment in the United States. (1977)

"Cold Sunday": in numerous cities in the United States temperatures fall to their lowest levels in over 100 years. (1982)

The tallest department store in the world, Hudson's flagship store in downtown Detroit, closes due to high cost of operating. (1983)

Cleveland School massacre: Patrick Purdy opens fire with an assault rifle at the Cleveland Elementary School playground in Stockton, California, killing five children and wounding 29 others and one teacher before taking his own life. (1989)

Gulf War: Operation Desert Storm begins early in the morning. Iraq fires 8 Scud missiles into Israel in an unsuccessful bid to provoke Israeli retaliation. (1991)

During a visit to South Korea, Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa apologizes for forcing Korean women into sexual slavery during World War II. (1992)

1994 Northridge earthquake: A magnitude 6.7 earthquake hits Northridge, California. (1994)

The Great Hanshin earthquake: A magnitude 7.3 earthquake occurs near Kobe, Japan, causing extensive property damage and killing 6,434 people. (1995)

Lewinsky scandal: Matt Drudge breaks the story of the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair on his website The Drudge Report. (1998)

U.S. President Bill Clinton posthumously promotes Meriwether Lewis from Lieutenant to Captain. (2001)

The Doomsday Clock is set to five minutes to midnight in response to North Korea nuclear testing. (2007)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PMAY0313
    1550 days ago
    Woo Hoo, Battle of Cowpens! I've actually been to that battle site!
    1550 days ago
    Another day I had not heard of, but not surprised of this one either!
    1552 days ago
    I quit making resolutions year ago, that way I don't have to break them!
    1552 days ago
    Don't make resolutions!
    1552 days ago
    Yep! The post holiday exercise crowd is beginning to thin out.

    On Episode 62 of Spark People radio, Beth Donavan (IndyGirl) talked about setting small goals instead of resolutions. She is an amazing person with a wonderful backstory. Goals are much more realistic.

    thanks for the history tidbits
    1552 days ago
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