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jealousy monster rises again...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

so, here i am, working out emoticon , eating better emoticon (not great, but making strides).

and this week, WEEK TWO, i only lost a pound emoticon . yes, i know it is week two, which is notorious for little to no weight loss, but gosh, it is frustrating! emoticon

then on top of that, at my work (hospital), i was looked down on, that i am not pursuing a career in nursing. now, understand, i have been told many times, by many different people that i should, and maybe at one point in my life i wanted to, but that is not who i am anymore. this time, i told the person, that i appreciate that they think i should, but there are other things that i have a passion for and want to accomplish in my life. i told them that i want to train to get my next step in my karate life, and i want to teach women's self-defense. emoticon in which both require me to be in very good shape, and have self confidence. to which the reply was, "oh.... well, that is nice..." so my mind wonders if i am not good enough.

then, a very close friend of mine (who i love dearly, and never makes me feel inferior), tells me that she is going for her second interview for a higher up job in her field. i am so happy for her, but yet again, that jealous monster, creeps in! emoticon am i really taking enough steps to be successful? emoticon

what is success? emoticon

by definition it means... "a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity, the attainment of popularity or profit." the one definition i like the best is... "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose." emoticon emoticon this can mean a million different things! everyone has their own idea of what the meaning of success is.

money, cars emoticon , marriage emoticon , kids emoticon , education emoticon , whatever. i have got to quit trying to get other peoples approval on what is the meaning of my success, is to them.

what is the meaning of success to me? big fancy house, tons of money, high paying job? no.

success for me is...

my faith emoticon
my family emoticon emoticon
my health emoticon
my friends emoticon
and what i can give back to this world. emoticon

i need to remember these things, i might not be president of the united states, big movie star, high paying job...

but what is most important is being happy and having a positive impact on others. be the best spouse, parent, friend i can . AND give back, and for me, that is working in my lowly position in the hospital as a tech. (nursing assistant) emoticon , AND teaching self defense to people (especially, women and girls) emoticon

it doesn't matter what others think of me, only that i am happy and doing God's will. do i want to make others happy by doing what THEY want me to do, or make myself happy, by helping others find their way to self development and self confidence? it doesn't matter what others may think, it is what my passion is, what my purpose is. i gotta read back over this blog a lot, since that jealousy monster visits often... emoticon

do what God wants and everything else will fall into place. i don't need to be the most successful in peoples minds, just the best me in my heart. emoticon

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    1565 days ago
    You sound successful to me! To me being successful means just being, loving, learning, living a life that offers a sense of purpose and belonging.

    I too work as a "mere" assistant. Still, I am not my job (and besides, I think I do a good job), no one is. I am human. I love. I am loved. I help provide for other and I am provided for. This is enough for me.
    1610 days ago
    " i don't need to be the most successful in peoples minds, just the best me in my heart."

    exactly!! think where we'd be if these guys didn't follow their passion after being made to feel rejected/dejected or less than, for one reason or another... Ford, Einstein, Darwin, Edison, Lincoln, Van Gogh and many others. never doubt your passion in life...hugs! emoticon
    1612 days ago
    You are a huge success!! I love so much how your blogs always end with what I would say to the person at the beginning of the blog!!! You KNOW how awesome you are...you just need to write it out and read the end to believe it!

    1613 days ago
    You're absolutely right - your idea of success is your own and shouldn't depend on what others may think you should be striving for. It isn't their life, and it's none of their business. Perhaps they think success means making more money so you can have nice things, but what''s important is how you feel when all of that is stripped away. Money and nice things are fleeting. You can be on top of the world (financially) one day, and down in the pits a few days later. Your self-confidence, though, will keep you even and proud of yourself whether you attain more money and more stuff or not.

    One thing I'll say...I NEVER want to be defined by what I have (rather than who I am), and I pity those who do.

    Good for you, wanting to pursue a career that puts your health first AND that will allow you to give back to your community and those in it. That sounds very fulfilling and enriching. Also, try not to be bummed about the 1-pound loss. That's more than many people are able to achieve despite working hard. Like VINNYP3 said earlier, just look at a pound of any kind of meat, and be happy that that much is now gone from your body!

    Keep up the great work, and be proud of what you're doing and what you've accomplished so far!

    emoticon emoticon
    1613 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    I agree with you that you have to do what makes you happy, not what others think you should do. If you are happy being a nursing asst, then more power to you. I am sure that you are wonderful at what you do. Every position is important and since I work in a hospital, no I am not a nurse either, I work in Radiology, I know that every single position is vital in a busy hospital from the housekeeping personnel to the cafeteria worker, to the doctor and nurses and aids and radiology techs and every other person there! Keep your chin up and keep doing what you are doing.
    You are wonderful just the way you are!
    1613 days ago
    Hello I support you in what you do - It is hard and it is a long slog to get to a goal. But you are doing more than you did yesterday and you one day along. it is consistency and perseverance
    1613 days ago
  • SUE5007

    You don't have to be successful in your career to be successful. You said it yourself, there are so many other places/things to find success, and you are finding happiness and success in numerous places at once! This is just your "day job". Not your measure of success or happiness. Don't feel bad if you wonder if you are doing enough, or challenging yourself enough. That is a valid question we all need to periodically ask ourselves. We all get complacent. But we all need balance. Don't feel bad if your answer it Yes, I'm doing all I can right now.
    1613 days ago
    Look at a pound of bologna and you'll see that much is now missing from your body. Not bad.
    1613 days ago
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