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Human Nuggets

Thursday, January 16, 2014

‘On waking I hit the bathroom, showering and taking care of my morning ablutions. Once my hair is dry I head to the kitchen for breakfast.
The FoodMaster ™ dominates the small room, the alcove you step into reminiscent of a confessional. Once inside I present one arm to the cuff on the left and a finger to the blood monitor on the right. In a matter of moments my readings are taken, the machine considers the metrics it has just obtained; height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugars, cholesterol and who knows what else; and carefully dispenses my breakfast, rattling into a bowl behind a discrete hatch. I take the bowl of uniform pellets and leave the FoodMaster ™ backing out into the main kitchen.
This morning I decide to add hot water to make my breakfast a nutritious ‘porridge’, on the television is a historical programme set back in 2014. My eyes are wide at the images of skeletal children in sun-baked deserts and people so fat that they can’t raise their own bulk from their bed. I can’t believe that it was ever like that, surely the programme makers are exaggerating, but my own mother told me that before the ‘introduction of standardised nutrition for the benefit of mankind’ people were allowed to select different food stuffs, they could eat too much of one thing and nothing of another.
How awful it must have been, fortunately the Government stepped in and started ensuring everyone gets their exact nutrient requirements, so; no one is fat or thin; type 2 diabetes is nearly non-existent; heart disease and strokes are rare.
The last two mouthfuls of porridge are slightly gritty, but as tasteless as the rest of the meal, as tasteless as every meal; but it is unimportant because food is just fuel.’


emoticon for reading this far, above is a utopian / dystopian vision I have of the future. The image has been growing stronger and stronger, and I was dismayed to see that sugar is the next food to be regulated. Dismayed because the reason for too much sugar is they had to give the food taste somehow when they took out all the fat and salts.

Most animal fodders now come in a kibble or nugget format, to prevent selective feeding and ensure optimum health of our furry friends. After all the animals can’t be trusted to make the right dietary choices for themselves, who knows how they survived before people came along to make it all better.

Today humans are allowed to eat what they wish, but experts are telling us we are eating the wrong things; we decide it isn’t our fault and that the manufacturer’s need to do something about it; then the Government intervenes to regulate fat-salt-sugar (and replace them with chemicals with unclear side effects). Logically on this path food becomes blander, and finally – for your own good – a standard food, with balanced macro and micro nutrients is introduced. No need to worry about fruit & vegetables – all their goodness is covered in your 3 daily portions of pellets. Calorie counting is a thing of the past, with your portion being adjusted to your needs, like a prize heifer.

I relish and appreciate my food choice, I take responsibility for my food choice, and my health has waxed and waned at times due to my choices – but I want to keep MY CHOICES.

Next time you hear someone berating the food industry of causing the obesity epidemic and you nod in agreement that the politicians should do something to make the manufacturers and food industry control what you put in your body, you are abdicating responsibility for your choices and bringing closer the day when there are no choices.

Nuff said – moving on
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • UNICORN212
    I don't think the pellets will happen - most of the people in Congress seem to enjoy their food and drink a bit too much.....
    1571 days ago
  • FIT4MEIN2013
    Well said, dear friend. I am so tired of regulations and the government sticking it's nose in my business!
    1586 days ago
    Yes, sugar is an additive that gives flavor to foods as do hydrogenated oils -- BUT and I've got a whole lot of junk in my trunk emoticon -- I can tell you with absolute certainty that the colorful stir fry I made last night was TASTY. The salads and roasted veggies I prepare and eat are flavorFULL.

    Eating natural, sustainable is the way to go; and non GMO, chemical laden processed aka EASY foods are the cause of the trend of obesity and poor health in our nation.

    Regulating the size of my soda and banning foods is an entirely different subject that I cannot make good choices on my own and will cause many to rebel in any manner they can like a petulant child.

    Our govt. should stick to governing our country and stay out of my kitchen, car at the drive through and walk up and grocery cart! emoticon emoticon
    1586 days ago
    I agree with Fungirl, the regulated stuff is all processed foods. If you stick to cooking for yourself, from raw, natural ingredients you bypass all that muck food.
    1586 days ago
    It's a hard place to be-- between food regulation, health, and safety. There are those that argue against pasturization. Argue for organic only. Argue against genetic modification. Those that support natural, whole foods exclusively, and those that gnosh HFCS and processed foods with no problem. Force posting calorie counts on menus, nuritional data on everything we eat.

    I don't have a particular stance one way or another-- there's simply not enough data available to a 100% degree to make anything so resolute, imho.

    However, I personally believe that a starch and plant based, vegan diet is the healthiest. Paleo folks and the beef industry would have me strung up for that. I don't think regulation is necessarily the answer-- but I also don't think that adopting a lazy everyone do for themselves attitude is necessarily the way to go-- especially when our food programs for our poorest and most disinfranshised individuals don't grant access to nutrient rich foods and encourage processed foods.

    It's a complex problem-- one that regulations may or may not help along.

    With all that being said, I would love a food generation machine on a spaceship that could make a good cup of tea..... emoticon
    1587 days ago
  • FUNGIRL81005
    real food is the answer....real food!! emoticon
    1587 days ago
  • JMOUSE99
    Hmmm. Interesting blog. I can't say I agree with all of it but certainly food for thought (ha ha). I like your title - I thought it might refer to nuggets made out of humans!

    Oh wait - that's Soylent Green! emoticon
    1587 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/16/2014 1:38:55 PM
  • TEKRU1
    Scary! Good wake-up call that we need, as a society, to return to eating REAL food. Leave the chemicals for something else.
    1587 days ago
    I love this--seriously, a blog after my own heart.

    Obesity and related malnutrition IS a major problem... but politically we've been focused on "easy" fixes (like restricting access to soft drinks or pizza or banning butter) rather than actually addressing the real underlying issues--a world where cheap food is far from healthy, a world where most of us work sedentary jobs and live in communities that are not pedestrian/biker friendly, etc. Where do we stop?

    It's especially frustrating because what works for me may not work for you. Evelyn's fasting diet works well for me, but it would put me on the floor. My dad is diabetic but consumes about 3000 calories a day to sustain a high level of physical activity (and still keeps his sugar levels under control). One size does NOT fit all.
    1587 days ago
    I'm so with you on this. Just give me the TRUTH of what is in somethingand it is my call. I'm an adult and it is my responsibility what I put in m@y mouth!

    That first part read like a dime store horror! No thank you.
    1587 days ago
    emoticon Great writing !! I will never allow a government to run my Healthcare or make choice for me ! Big Pharma and the food industry do call a lot shot here in the US but I have a choice as to what I eat and how I choose to treat my body !! emoticon K
    1587 days ago
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