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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ugh, I am thankful this day is almost over. With the exception of lunch with my hubby and time with my kids tonight the day was blah.
Lets see... started off the day having to pay in for Biggest Loser. First off the scale we have to weigh in on is +5 compared to my scale at home. Which I am aware of so even though I know the # isn't accurate it still irritates me to see that number. Then I find out I gained 2 lbs!!! How can I be down 6 on Sunday and up 2 three days later? To wrap it up I did my measurements tonight. I can't find my last set but I know they were definitely better than these..


1. I have stayed within my daily calorie range. I don't even adjust according to my workout. I am not a fan of that, I feel like it gives me too much leeway. And I try to make good choices. I will eat carrots for a snack instead of cookies :)

2. I have been running 4x a week (20-25 miles per week)


1. Up until yesterday I did not have any strength training in the mix & I was only working out 4 days a week. Now I added a 30 day circuit training program in the mix. I am hoping that the cardio of my running and this addition will help steer me in the right direction.

2. Two of my friends have brought up sodium intake. This is a good question since I don't know what my sodium intake even should be!? I know I have looked at it before on here but it defaults and I don't know if those #s are what I should be going by. Does anyone know how to figure that? (I'm sure if I googled it I can come up with something too, gotta love the internet) I honestly think most of the time I am ok.

3. Fountain pop!!!! Over a year ago I cut regular pop completely out of my life. I think I have had one sip along the way due to being given the wrong pop and it was like syrup!
We have diet pop in the house all of the time now & I allow myself one a night, if I even want that. BUT i am a total sucker for McDonald's Diet Coke. Seriously, I don't know what they put in there but it is my one weakness. I go in streaks too.. I can stay away from it for a while and then I'll get on a kick where I have a couple a week. I know they are 0 cals but I also know that doesn't make them good for me either. I don't like the idea of the Aspartame or the Caramel coloring going in my body.

I know I am just being hard on myself. I have super high expectations, since a year ago I was 12 lbs less than I am now & had a lot more definition. I just feel like I am failing. its ridiculous, i know. So below are a few little things that I can do or just started doing to make me feel better about where I am and what I am doing about it.

** Starting tomorrow I am going to cut out McDs fountain pop for a week. If that goes well I hope to extend that and hopefully eliminate it all together.
**Added in a Strength/Cardio supplement in addition to my running to get my definition back and hopefully help drop the weight.
**Make my short runs 3-5 miles Tempo Runs to ensure I am kicking up my heart rate in addition to building my endurance back up.

Tomorrow is another day. I won't let this mood carry over, just venting on here already lightened it some. Good NIght and Good Riddance Wednesday January 14, 2014!!!
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    I think that you're doing great. Bodies fluctuate weight so much it is very frustrating! I think that you've been doing a lot of really great things, and call me silly, but if you're naughty treat is Diet Coke versus a piece of cake everyday I think you're doing ok. ((HUGS))
    1554 days ago
    You're not failing, but you ARE being hard on yourself. Just keep in mind all of those positive things that you are doing. Those things CAN"T be bad for you therefore you are not failing. If you keep the goal of getting healthy eventually the scale will get in line. (I had Chinese tonight so my sodium is probably through the roof and I'll be up 2 pounds tomorrow). By the way, sodium intake should be less than 2300mg per day. Good luck in having a better day tomorrow!
    1555 days ago
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