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To Breakfast Or Not To Breakfast

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

About 8 weeks ago, I adopted the Leptin Diet eating schedule which calls for 3 meals a day with no snack and breakfast with protein and 5 hours between meals. The best schedule I could come up with is 9 am, 2 pm and 7 pm.

Then I came across this video, where Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Institute said that between 11 pm to 11 am is when the body pushes out wastes. Eating a big breakfast will disrupt this detox process.

I noticed that while eating big breakfast with the Leptin Diet does helps with the morning moodiness, I wanted to eat again by noon. But if I waited it out and eat a late breakfast, I can go on until the evening before I get hungry.

So for now I'm going to adopt the idea of the body doing back flushing and I'm going to wait until 11 am to break the fast. I will go for 2 meals a day with no snack in between. This may help reduce the amount of work in the kitchen as I spent a lot of time preparing 3 meals a day. I have a lot of stuff to eat so each meal will have many items which I will cover in a later blog. I've also heard that the pancreas produces or releases insulin twice a day. Two meals a day may be a good coordination with the pancreas. I'll have to do more research on that.

Bottom line: 2 meals per day at 11 am and 6 pm. No snack. Let's go!

Update: Here are excerpts from Byron Richards' video on Leptin and why it's important to AVOID snacking.

"Your metabolism is not designed to deal with constant eating and snacking ...
and result in you eating much more than you really need.
Eating too often is like repetitive strain injury like tennis elbow, but in this case Leptin elbow.
Snacking turns out to be one of the worst things you can do.
The fictitious idea that snacking is needed to stroke your metabolism or maintain your blood sugar is no small part dietary advice that has helped causes epidemic of obesity."

Wonderful. Here Byron said 2 or 3 meals a day is fine. Just don't snack. Don't eat too often.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Lately I have been eating breakfast about 5:30-6:30, then lunch is around 12-1, and then just a small snack around 6pm

    The experts say not to eat if you ain't hungry. Well if I waited for hunger pangs I would hardly eat at all. I eat now out of habit or boredom.
    1613 days ago
    Pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing all the info, and how you work it!
    1618 days ago
    This is so interesting to read your blog. On my own I have discovered that I can maintain my weight loss much better if I eat 3 meals and at specific times. I eat at 11am, between 2-3 and 7pm. I walk my dogs before breakfast everyday their 4miles with lots of hills. I eat big meals but really healthy and satisfying. I find that doing this schedule really helps me with my hunger and such. So good to read that there is actually thoughts about all of this.
    Thank you for this blog.
    1618 days ago
  • SKATER787
    Good job Marilyn. When you walk in the morning before eating, you burn fat big time. That's the best time to move. I could go without eating in the morning but I was brainwashed into thinking that I need to eat breakfast and then BIG breakfast, LOL. For example, it's 10:15 am now and I can easily wait another 45 minutes before eating. If I get hungry, I'll just drink lots of water. The beauty of eating when you're truly hungry is that the food tastes so good. I'm not being punished at all when I wait. I'm just looking for the reward when it's the time to eat. Reading your post, I realized that I don't need to wait until 7 pm. That was when I tried to eat 3 meals. It's better not to eat so late anyway so I'm adjusting my schedule to 6 pm. Meals at 11 am and 6 pm sounds good to me. Only Americans eat all day with meals and snacks. Other cultures don't have snacks until the American culture hits them.
    1619 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/16/2014 11:24:06 AM
  • LIS193
    Give it a go and see how you feel. Everyone is different and I find that my body reacts differently at different times as well... sometimes I do great with only 2 meals a day and other times of the month I need my 5-6 mini meals. Hormones :(
    1619 days ago
    I believe this may be one of those areas where everyone is different. I grew up eating breakfast and ALWAYS ate breakfast when I worked. But I didn't eat until after I ran (or later when I walked.)

    When I retired I gradually walked more and more and hence ate 'breakfast' later and later. Until I often wasn't eating until 11:00 or 11:30. The interesting thing was I didn't get hungry until then (I eat only complex carbs which I think helps.)

    When I joined SP and began reading all the articles who said it was very important to eat breakfast was soon as you get up I went back to that. But while I could maintain that way I had a VERY hard time losing (by this time I was withing 15 pounds of my goal weight.)

    In July I decided to go back to not eating until after I walk and have been able to lose weight again. Since skater referred me to the Leptin book I'm been trying not to snack - to have 'brunch' between 11:00 and 12:00 and dinner around 5:30pm. This is working REALLY well for me (when I do snack its not from hunger but from just wanting to eat.)

    Now I'm trying another variation - yet another Sparker referred me to 'The Plan' (I wish I could remember but it was shortly before Christmas and I don't. If you read this please let me know so I can say thank you!) I find this book and plan very interesting and am now working that into my program. So much to learn about nutrition1!
    1619 days ago
    I find that skipping breakfast, or just eating a late breakfast a couple times per week works well for me. I think it's worth experimenting with, because your body will learn to deal with going longer between meals at times, so you don't get stuck in that "need to eat" mode when the only thing available is a bag of chips or a candy bar. I've been finding that it's fairly for me to have a "brunch" around 11 am, maybe a pre-workout snack at 3 or 4, then eat dinner later, rather than have 3 full-fledged meals at the traditional times. The key is to experiment and see how your body reacts. Good luck!
    1619 days ago
    I started doing without breakfast just a week or so ago, and it's working great. However, that doesn't mean that I don't have any calories, it just means no solid calories. I make a version of "bullet-proof coffee", using a teaspoon of coconut oil and some half and half.

    If you get cranky without breakfast, though, that's probably not a great idea, it means that your blood sugar is probably low. It took me months to adapt to low carb well enough to overcome my typical hypoglycemia. I still can't go more than about 6 hours without food without feeling crappy.
    1619 days ago
    I worry about extreme diets like the one you write about. Make sure you are getting the nutrients you need and be careful!
    1619 days ago
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