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Mid-Month Check In

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Good afternoon, Sparkfriends! Wow, the month is half over.

I've been doing well. I am still working to get back to the lowest weight I achieved in December before leaving on our European river cruise. I have two more pounds to go.

When I got back on January 1 I weighed myself (up 8 pounds) but then on January 2 I GOT BUSY.

Did I regret gaining eight pounds? Well, "kind of"! Who wants to have to lose eight pounds over again? But no, I don't really regret it. While we were gone I enjoyed every bite, every new food, every new experience.

So while I haven't blogged in awhile, I've still been around, spinning the wheel, commenting on blogs, participating on my teams. I've read a lot of blogs from people who were moaning about holiday weight gain, so I've been pondering that for a few weeks. My realization and conclusion is that I don't believe we should feel badly when we gain "special occasion" weight. After all, it really isn't the special occasions that cause us to be fat. It's the OTHER 95% of the days!

I know some will disagree, and we all have to do what works for us. But I don't want to be 100% compliant if it means I can't enjoy my life, or the special occasions that make it fun and worth living! It might mean I'll have to be willing to take longer to lose weight, and maybe even have to settle for a higher weight. That remains to be seen.

But something that's stuck with me is a paragraph in TINAJANE76's blog of 12/8/2013.

"Is training for that marathon causing you to miss your kid's school play--again? Does reaching your weight loss or body fat goal mean that you avoid nearly all social events, even with close friends and family? If your answer is "yes" to any of those questions, maybe it's time to reevaluate your goals and why they're important to you. After all, many of us set out to lose weight so we could feel better and more fully participate in our lives--not to avoid living them. Weight loss and successful maintenance take a lot of effort for many of us and that means making some sacrifices. But at what cost?"


It's a good question. For me, the vacation's over. I'm back doing what I always do: going to the fitness center, trying to get 15,000 steps per day, measuring and logging my food. Not only will I lose those two pounds in short order, but I've also reset my goal weight to 12 pounds less then it was originally. I'd love to weigh 124 by May 10, which is when we leave for our annual trip home to visit family.

But I know there has to be balance. Balance between finding my lowest sustainable weight and enjoying my life.

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