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Because it’s too hard

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Last week I went to my first spinning class with a friend of mine. I have always wanted to try it but because of a car accident a few years ago and hurting my tail bone I have avoided it. I had not been able to go on the bikes at the gym for very long because my tail bone would hurt. However in the past few years it has felt better so I decided 2014 was the time to try it. So last Friday at 10am in the morning, my friend and I climbed on the bikes in a spinning class at our gym and for the next hour huffed, puffed and sweated our way through. We weren’t able to do everything but we still kept our legs going around in circles. We told the instructor we would see her again next Tuesday bright and early at 5:30am.

This past Tuesday I once again went to the spinning class that was at 5:30am. My friend did not show up but as she had been not feeling well the day before I figured that was why she was not there. Later I called her to see how she was feeling. She was fine but she told me she was not sure about continuing the class. She said she didn’t like it that much. I told her I was going back and forth about whether or not I liked it too but that I had thought about this. I said to her that I knew why I did not like it…..because it is TOO HARD! It is hard to keep my legs moving and increasing the resistance and standing up, then sitting down and doing it over and over. It is hard to sweat like a pig and be sore afterwards. It is just plain HARD!!!

Later I thought more about this. You know what hard is? Hard is looking in the mirror and seeing a bloated face with a big double chin. Hard is seeing pictures taken of me and seeing how big my butt is. Hard is going to a clothes store and not being able to fit into anything that looks nice. Hard is not wanting to go somewhere where there are people I have not seen in awhile because I don’t want them to see how much weight I have gained. Hard is being a candidate for heart disease and all the other ailments my parents’ have because of being obese.

Hard is NOT going to a spinning class. Hard is NOT doing 15 minutes on an elliptical when you know only 10 minutes will log it as a workout on your Spark Activity Monitor. Hard is NOT….well….MOVING and EXERCISING!!!

So I think differently about doing that spinning class. Ya it's hard and it will take me some time to feel totally comfortable and be able to do everything. But hard is what I need to be doing. I need to be doing things….BECAUSE they are hard.

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