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My Daughter Makes Me Proud!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First want to share a link to a very interesting article addressing eating for pleasure and eating for nutrition.The thing I found interesting is that we don't absorb as many nutrients, meaning the food we eat isn't as nourishing, even if it's healthy foods, if we are stressed about our weight and are not enjoying our food. Mindful eating and eating for pleasure (while eating healthy) is key. I got this link thru MISSRIVERRAT's blog. Read the article, see what you think!

On a different note, I had a wonderful time visiting my daughter today. Seems she'd like to invite me once a week to see the kids and help out for part of the day. It went very well today. Started out with me playing with the kids and her nursing the baby. Then she lay him down so she could get a little break. He started fussing, so I told the kids it was Leon's turn for a little time with gramma. I held him and got a burp out of him, and he settled into a deep sleep on my chest. I held him and helped the kids make things out of pipe cleaners (I can still take care of three at once!) Then they ate as a family while I continued to cuddle. After lunch she put him in a wrap and wore him while she and I walked around the block with the kids. Slow going with little kids, but we all got fresh air and sunshine. Back into the house to feed baby again. I left, confident that I had been a big help and satisfied to have spent special time with each of the kids and even got a chance to have a real conversation with my daughter. The first in weeks. She seems to be feeling more like herself, and getting things well in control with having three kids. I'm so proud of her!

Here's the link psychologyofeating.com/m
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