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Week Two: Three Pounds Gone!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Today is weigh in day. My goal was 2 pound but instead I lost 3 pounds for this week. I am very happy about this because for one day I did go to a Gastropub with a friend for a beer and meal. I did pick a vegetarian meal with seasonal veggies but it was high in calories. It was okay because I knew my calorie out take (exercise) was above my normal activity range. I did only have one beer. It was a great Dark Ale from a local brewer, very smooth and taste.

I went to Deep Water Aerobics class. It was a very good workout. I worked hard but I noticed that I had a hard time with a few of the exercises. I will have to ask my physical therapist about some of the moves. My back didn’t hurt but I just want to make sure that these will be okay for me to do these exercises without further injury. It’s just amazing how much this really builds in my strength. When treading water with a five pound weight in the water it’s like 10 pounds. I was thinking, wow, how was I able to have three of these on me. I was getting so tired holding the one five pound weight.

I am very excited about the new aquatics personal trainer. It is $35 for a one time session with one person but for a two or more people (group rate) it’s $25 (per person). I would love this. It isn’t so bad. I would like to for sure do this. It’s $60 for 3 sessions at a 2 or more people group rate. So, breaks down to $20 per session. I wouldn’t mind that at all. I would love for it to happen on Friday nights or Saturdays.

The fitness day was nice at the pool. I was able to get in another hour of exercise. It was nice to try out all the classes there. I wasn’t the only person that was a regular. It was nice for the new people. They were able to watch and it was fun to get in a good Zumba workout. I didn’t win the drawing. It was for a 12 class pass. I do still get a chance at the other fitness challenge. This is the one I hope I get, an annual pass.


Plans for tomorrow:
Rest Day.


Five things I'm grateful for:
1. Good books.
2. Cozy socks.
3. Rain.
4. Electricity in my home.
5. Being greeted at the door.
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