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So Excited! Week 1 Report!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I was super stoked to write this blog and I almost posted it before I was even done with everything that needed to be reported on. Then I remembered SparkPeople turns into a veritable ghost town on the weekends and that slowed me down. Ain't no one around to read this gem! Which is a bummer because it's going to be an AWESOME report!

If you missed it, this is the blog that tells you what all this jazz is about:

In a very pared-down, bare-bones (and entirely boring) nutshell:
-Get 250 fitness minutes per week
-Eat healthy
-Track food and fitness
- Lose 1 lb per week

I can tell you:
emoticon I blew my fitness minute goal for the week out of the water! As of Friday night, I had 240 fitness minutes, so I needed to get at least 10 more in today (Saturday) to meet my 250 goal. Well, ya know, if I'm going to go through the hassle of putting on workout clothes and shoes (I hate wearing shoes!) and strapping on my heart rate monitor and setting up my treadmill, then I was going to do much more than 10 minutes for my troubles! So, I did 60 minutes. Which means I did 300 fitness minutes this week! YAY! Not bad, especially since I got a late start this week thanks to my birthday on Monday. Also, Jan. 8 was a special fitness day because of the #winterwellness challenge I've been doing, so that day included an abs toning session. I certainly do need to work on my core! (And also everything else.)

emoticon Food was a little more of a struggle and even more of a struggle was tracking it! Not only do I already really, REALLY hate tracking my food 'cuz I'm totally impatient and adding everything into the tracker is tedious, but my computer is a dinosaur and there seems to be something about Spark's food tracker that totally pisses off my computer's Shockwave Flash. Cuz it crashes it regularly. I might eliminate the tracking food portion of my goal just based on this. It takes 3 times as long, requires either a browser restart or a computer restart, and I just don't have that kind of time. Maybe I'll consider getting Spark's app, but I hate tracking from my phone 'cuz phones are tiny and squinting sucks. Also, I have no problems with the fitness tracker. What's up with that?!

emoticon Anyway, eating was challenging. I found myself binging at some point this week on junk. I was bored and tired during that binge. On the plus, in the days following, I was very aware of my cravings and such, and so I tried to be more mindful of my reactions when it came to food. I exercised a tiny bit more self control. Although today I had candy- not binge candy, just candy 'cuz I have a lot from Christmas. I did do my best to incorporate more vegetables where I could, and snack on fruit when it was available. One day I had NO veggies in anything I ate, and so the next day I rectified that situation. I know this is a process, so I'm not expecting perfection. That's okay.

emoticon Also, I weighed in this morning (I said I'd make Saturdays my weigh day) and...
I lost 1 lb! Yay! That's what my goal was and my body decided to cooperate for this week to meet it. Happy about that!

The "other" goals from my stuff I have done a few of:
-Made birthday cupcakes to take to church
-Read Bible nightly
The rest of my "other" goals I can't quite do yet- counseling is only available when school is in session, I don't really have any way to make friends yet, so I can't socialize with them. Bible study on Tuesday hasn't started up yet, should this week. I need to pray more. And I can only participate in hospitality ministry when I can afford ingredients for stuff, and that's okay. I'll do it when I can. I can, and should be journaling and reading for pleasure. I don't need to implement my food plan of MWF crockpot dinners until school starts, so for now "wingin'" it is fine.

My AccountabiliBuddy and I have been sorta discussing the heart rate monitor and calorie burn issue. Maybe ya'll have a few cents to chip in with? See, I've been tracking my fitness and Spark seems to think all my hard work is burning around 230-250-ish calories at a time. My heart rate monitor is telling me I'm burning double that- or more- in a given sweat session. You can even go check my fitness tracker (I do share my trackers) and I've noted what my HRM reads versus what Spark's tracker says. What do you all think? What's more accurate? What do you THINK is more accurate? If I'm burning closer to 2,000 calories a week when Spark thinks I'm only burning 1,000 calories, then I think my nutrition might need to be adjusted at some point, otherwise I might be burning too much and eating too little. Thoughts would be appreciated.

And here's a photo of a tooth. On a cat. That's sleeping on my computer. While I was trying to use it.
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  • JSPIN74
    emoticon fantastic! emoticon
    2661 days ago

    And ....

    Happy Birthday !! My birthday is this month too.


    Let's talk HRMs for a moment. They can be accurate, but you need to collect more data first. Don't go by one or two readings. Because a person's work out can vary for many different reasons, you're going to see a variety of numbers from your HRM. What you need to do is track your workout over several workouts and then take the average. That average will give you a better idea of how many calories you burn.

    I would recommend taking readings for one week and then compare them to the readings for the next week over a one month period. Having the data from 4 weeks worth of workouts will give you a good idea of how many calories you burn.

    2669 days ago
    Good going, girlfriend. Lots of good progress. But I'd say you need to find another way to track your food...its really important. I find that if I eat too little calories it has the same affect as eating too many. Got to make sure you are getting your veggies and protein, too. I takes balance and determination.
    2670 days ago
    As you know, I'm with you on the food tracker. For some reason, the one here on Spark is especially onerous. If you decide to do it from your phone, you might want to use MyFitnessPal. It's a similar, but slightly easier to use interface. It's also free, whereas I think Spark is charging now. It's nice to have fitness, nutrition, etc, all integrated but if the tracker is slowing you down, it might be worth it to try something different.

    Congratulations on a fantastic week! Your enthusiasm is inspiring. I hope that this week is going equally well for you.
    2670 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12934164
    Congrats on a great week! I go with my HRM, I think its more accurate!
    Keep up the awesome job! emoticon emoticon
    2671 days ago
    You are rockin...do not forget I am around on week ends and on Spark once or twice a day! First...I would also be frustrated with tracker...try a food journal for tracking...quicker and you have a record to refer to if you need.
    One thing I try to have around INCASE I run out of fruit...anything in fruit juice...canned pineapple, unsweetened single serve applesauce, and serve of mandarin oranges or pears, I think by DelMonte, etc.
    Other things will fall into place as life moves on and you are back at school, etc. I think some of your questions will resolve (re: what you are really burning) by how you feel, how much you lose, etc.
    CONGRATS on your one pound loss!
    Love kitty...my first cat was a tuxedo kitty :-)
    Love you!
    2672 days ago
    Sounds like you are off to a pretty good start! Sorry to hear the food tracker doesn't like to work with your computer......I don't use my phone for more than calls and text, so get why you wouldn't want to depend on it too much. I've never paid too much attention to calories and what I was putting in as to what I was burning~but thanks to the tools on here, I'm learning.

    Eating habits are something we seem to all struggle with.....last week, all I wanted to do was eat, almost every few hours....all the time (and not nearly the water I needed to be drinking). This week, it's been more like starving myself, well not really because don't feel hungry enough to say "starving". I'm hoping for a turn around....looking into some new recipes to help spark up my tastebuds!

    Keep us posted on your progress! emoticon the "snaggletooth" picture of the kitty!
    2672 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/12/2014 5:46:20 PM
    Rockstar!!! (I need to pull out my comp and post mine. I can do that from bed! Lol)
    2672 days ago
    Congrats on an awesome week, Jill! So happy that you sound so happy! ;) I tracked my food almost everyday for 2 years....now I can't imagine doing it for a week straight. Maybe just write everything down, to keep track?

    I agree that you should go by the HRM calorie burn.

    Hope you have another great week!
    2672 days ago
    I am such a nerd, I love tracking my food.... but I do know it's not for everyone : p
    I would probably go with your heart rate monitor as that's going off specific personal information rather than what SP thinks.
    2672 days ago
    Tracking is definitely tedious and one of my least favorite things. I do seem to do better when I track however. Maybe keeping a food journal is easier for you? Write it down in a notebook instead. There are lots of other sites online that give nutritional info and maybe they won't crash the computer and you can get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. :)

    I also have a HRM that says differently than Spark. I would go with what your HRM says. It's alot more accurate by knowing more about YOU and what your heart rate is than just a average based on others around your same weight.

    Congrats on the great week and good luck on your next one!
    2672 days ago
    nice work!!! I agree tracking food is tedious. I have found that using the app on my phone is much easier than the computer, and saving my "usual" foods as favorites makes it a little faster to enter foods on the go.

    I'm no expert but it seems like your HRM would be more accurate since spark uses averages?

    Congrats on a great week!
    2672 days ago
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