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Friday, January 10, 2014

Today is day 16 of my current streak!

Yesterday when I was working out, I came to a portion of the workout that was really HARD. Even with the modifications, I was struggling a bit.

Once upon a time, if I was working out and it got too hard or I got too tired, I would give up. I would say "Nope, I can't do this, I just might as well stop trying." And since I workout at home, it would be easy to just turn the DVD off. The only person who would know I'd quit would be me.

I would tell myself "Well, I tried. But its just not possible for me."

Quitting never got me anywhere! Not only did I not lose weight, I also never got any stronger, because I didn't give myself time to improve.

But on March 1, 2012, I decided to give myself a complete fresh start. To me, this fresh start was about making each day as healthy as possible, and giving myself TIME. Time to get better and stronger and healthier. So I committed to working out, and I promised myself that I would not quit when it got difficult.

There were many times when I'd have to put the workout DVD on pause, and just march in place until I was able to resume it. But I didn't quit. I reminded myself, over and over, of a quote from Arthur Boorman...

I wrote that quote on an index card and posted it by the TV so I could see it everytime I worked out. And slowly, I started to get better at my workouts.

My first workouts were pretty basic, but they were really difficult for me in the beginning. I was only able to workout for about 10 minutes, three times a day. (And sometimes I would have to pause a time or two during those 10 minute workouts!) But by sticking with it and allowing myself TIME to improve, it really wasn't long before I was able to try other workouts. I got into DDP Yoga. I did Pilates. I tried Sparkpeople DVDs, kettlebell workouts, and step aerobics. I'm 52 and have bad knees, so I have to keep my workouts low impact, but I still work hard.

I've lost 71 lbs but I still have a long way to go. But I'm proud of how far I've come. I'm not a quitter anymore. So yesterday, when the workout got hard, I paused the DVD. I looked at that index card posted by the TV, and as I marched in place I said it over and over..."Just because I can't do it today doesn't mean I'm not gonna be able to do it someday."

And then I finished the workout! I know that if I stick with it, I will be able to do it without having to pause the DVD while I march in place. I will always give myself time to improve.

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