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Lesson Learned!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Which do you think has the greater potential for raising your blood glucose levels?

A whole Vidalia onion?

Or a lovely apple?

I'll get back to the onion/apple in a minute. This is all really about my liver.

You see, I have been on an eighteen-month weight loss plateau. Yep, you read that right. Eighteen *#!!!@* months! To say I'm feeling a little discouraged would be an understatement (though I am apparently also patient and determined as I'm still here plugging away).

My focus has been, and remains, to heal from the inside out (fat is the outward symptom of a body that is metabolically compromised/damaged, and I am only doing this ONCE). While changes are happening (Omentum: www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
), I am getting worn down by this snail's pace. I feel like the SPARKworld is leaving me behind (I signed on 6 years ago today). I am tired of research, focus on weight and food, being so high maintenance. I want to get to place where I don't have to think so much about so much as it pertains to my body and my health. Is that asking too much?

Anyway, it seems too, that the several rounds of antibiotics I needed to take nearly six months ago were a killing blow to my progress (I have never metabolized any medication efficiently or without side-effects... clearly liver issues), and I have been struggling more than usual. Despite a nutritional plan that has improved my overall health dramatically (and pretty much saved my life), it has not resulted in the sort of dramatic weight loss that others experience on the same regime, and this Fall I found myself on a slow, but unmistakeable downslide.

Through even more *#!!!@* research, I came to the conclusion that my liver had taken another hit and needed intensive support for me to heal completely, and so it can once again become a fat-burning monster... instead of the fat-storing shadow of its former self that it has become (anyone who has a weight problem has some degree of fatty liver... AND you can appear to be of normal weight and still have a fatty liver... you know those people... the ones who can eat anything they want and never gain weight, but suddenly develop diabetes and heart disease in middle age... those people).

Enter my new program for this New Year... and it's working. It's focus is intensive, but increasingly troublesome symptoms are going away. I feel 'back on track'. The scale started creeping consistently downward again (in December I lost the 10 pounds I gained over the Fall), and I notice a difference in my energy level. This is the first time E.V.E.R. it took me less time to eliminate the weight than it did to gain it.

Good, yes?

Yes... until this morning. This morning was the second day the scale went up a little. Not normally a big deal, right, but why suddenly now when I am eating virtually the same things every day?

I was pondering this as I ate my breakfast (ALL liver healing foods: two eggs, a cup of parsely leaves, two slices of bacon, and a whole lightly fried Vidalia onion... which I LOVE BTW), when it occured to me to check this meal against my tracker (I only track when I have a food puzzle to solve).

Are you ready for this?

The ONION has nearly TWICE the calories and carbs, and nearly half the fiber as the apple of comparable size!!!

Now, an onion is a great vegetable and, in the larger scheme of things, not at all what we consider to be a 'high-carb' food (though clearly much higher carb than most other non-starchy veggies... almost as high as carrots), but when you are eating to heal your liver, your enemy is GLUCOSE of any kind (not the calories). I suspect the glucose load of the whole onion all at once is too much for my liver right now. I had previously been eating only a half onion each morning, but I felt a little more hungry the last two days, so I increased the onion... a non-starchy vegetable... the least caloric element (or so I thought) on my plate.

Maybe I'm the only person to be shocked at the realization that an onion has more fructose than FRUIT... but this gives me a whole new appreciation and understanding of the connection between sugar/carbs/glucose and metabolic functioning.

Puzzle solved... for now... I go back to eating only half an onion with my breakfast.

The lesson is learned (AGAIN): It's NOT about the calories. How calories are packaged matters... even in 'healthy' foods... as does the balance of macronutrients as they relate to how healthy your own meatbolism is.

The key is learning how your own personal metabolism responds to food.

This little experience also raises questions in my mind about my fructose tolerance (the high sugar in onions comes from fructose... which is why anyone on a FODMAP regime cannot tolerate them... I JUST made the connection!). Gotta think more on this... and do more *#!!!@* research!

Here's some reading if you're interested in further exporing the connection between your liver, body fat, metabolism and overall health:

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...Because the path is YOURS to forge!



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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am seriously a huge fan of yours. HUGE!! Thank you for sharing your research and the lessons you learn! My DH is now on a FODMAP regime after suffering with pain for almost a year. I still have lots to learn about all of this stuff!
    1562 days ago
    Thanks for all the applied research presented so well. Thank you emoticon emoticon
    1563 days ago
    Interesting! You can overeat even when it's healthy food.
    1563 days ago
    You write beautifully. I am inspired by your dedication! I had ONE tough day (found out I accidentally overdrew my bank account so I ate everything I could find!) and as my goal is to get to moving with less pain and discomfort more than it is about the weight (but I want that gone, too!), it was important for me to see this today.
    Thank you. Hang in there! You must be an amazing woman!
    1563 days ago
    what an incredible amount of information thank you
    1563 days ago
    That's interesting. Who would have THUNK it? emoticon
    1563 days ago
    Wow I never would have guessed that! Amazing! Thank you for the info.
    1564 days ago
    Very interesting information. Thanks emoticon emoticon for sharing
    1564 days ago
    Ramona, what a great and informative blog. It's going to take me more time to read all the interesting information that you are gathering for us.

    It's incredible how much time you are spending researching all these components of food. You remind me of Lorenzo's Oil movie, which is one of my favorites.

    Something that is very interesting is that you are making the connections between dietary factors and health. The most you research, the most you link all the information you are gathering.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1564 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    I love your research! Gonna read all that liver stuff. I dealt with scary liver enzymes that went up a lot AFTER I quit the toxic drugs years ago. Very puzzling. They're good now. Also had one round of antibiotics for a sinus infection and just started another one. Sigh. Methimazole and/or propranolol to keep my Graves' disease in check have made me ravenous and unable to lose the weight that I think they made me gain. It's the only reason I can think of. Considering some really low carb to see if that works. Thanks for the info!
    1564 days ago
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