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Walking...just me and my thoughts...and my underpants.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

My butt was like lead today and my couch was like a magnet! (Possibly a bad analogy...Is lead even magnetic?) I had big plans for my day today. I was going to walk just for the sake of walking to get my exercise in and then some but I didn't sleep well last night and as the day crept on it didn't look like it was going to happen. Then I realized...I have to MAKE it happen!

So I got up, put on my shoes, coat and mittens and I got out in it! I was so proud of myself. Eager to see the area in which I live and be alone with my thoughts. Everything was going great until one block from my house when my underpants started creeping up my butt right in front of the train station. It was all I could think about. It is really hard to get underpants to stop creeping up your butt when your wearing mittens let me tell you! So off the mittens come and I gave it a good tug trying not to worry about who might be looking. Fine. Back to just me and my thoughts.

' Then my belt started kind of slipping around on my hip and pushing at my underpants from the other way! I had new/used jeans on I had gotten at the resale shop for 10 krone and I guess I am not comfortable in them yet. Ok. Mittens off...rebuckle the belt. Fine. I can stop thinking about my underpants now...only they started crawling up my butt again. Plus I was pretty sure that the guy coming toward me had seen me unbuckle my belt just a minute ago so I felt that I should wait until he passed to try and fix my underpants again or he might think I was a weirdo.

OK...fine. Now I am fine. Just me and my thoughts getting some exercise like a normal person. Not thinking about my underpants at all. Except they could be more comfortable. Do they always feel this way or did they get all stretched out from sitting on the couch all morning? Should I turn around and change them or just keep going. If I could just stop thinking about it!

I went under the road and over the canal onto the nearby island when I happily realized that I had stopped thinking about my underpants. Except, the fact that I realized that caused me to start thinking about them again! They really could fit better. In fact I was aware of no other article of clothing on my whole body EXCEPT my underpants! Was this going to go on the whole time? Is this what "my thoughts" are? Do I have nothing more to think about except my underpants? I mean really!

Then I passed by this guy...

I like the general idea. Would solve the problem. But geesh! It's a little cold for that isn't it?

Somehow after that I managed to stop thinking about my underpants and got on with my walk as well as "my thoughts"..although aside from the underpants thing I honestly cannot remember a single one of them!

Here are two more pictures from my walk.

It is hard to say if she is wearing underpants or not and if so whether or not they are riding up her butt. (OK...So I thought a little more about underpants as I walked on.)

A ferry boat. Lots of people on it. Lots of underpants. (I wasn't thinking that only now just occurred to me.)

Have a great day and may it be unencumbered by random underpants "situations"! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sometimes it really is just all about the underpants.

    1558 days ago
    LOL! This made my day. Apparently I'm not the only one that has a bad underpants day! emoticon emoticon
    1559 days ago
    oh! what a great blog post!

    made me laugh!

    And I can relate- if the back of my sneaker scrapes against my ankle it's all i'll think about.

    though underpants is a little bit different emoticon

    glad you enjoyed some of your stroll- great pictures!

    i'm trying to focus on doing that. taking pleasure in exercise. thanks for the inspiration.
    1561 days ago
  • IONA72
    Next time I'm running and all I can think is "I can't go any further" I'm going to think about your underpants instead. I'm sure it will take me a few extra miles!! emoticon
    1562 days ago
    emoticon oh my goodness! Have you tried that "walk" ccc you know, the one were you think maybe you can casually move your legs in just the right way to unlodge the underpants from their irritating spot ...nobody will notice, right? WRONG!!!

    1563 days ago
    emoticon I swear, in the same situation, my Grandmother would have found a Private Spot and gotten rid of those Underpants!! Just left them laying on the ground and gone on. She actually DID have a pair of panties Literally fall down around her ankles in the Grocery Store once. She calmly stepped out of them and went on shopping without ever looking back!!!
    1563 days ago
    Clearly, they are not the right ones for you. I always throw out underpants that are uncomfortable. They get one chance and if they don't stand up to the job, they're off!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the blog. I always enjoy hearing from you.

    Love, Maureen
    1563 days ago
    Wow, that guy had to be chilly...
    I get days like that... Next time, no! Wait! I don't want to be thinking about my underpants, much less YOURS!
    1563 days ago
    emoticon You are so funny and impressive at the same time. I love that you caught yourself and made a decision to just go for it. OUTSTANDING!

    1563 days ago
    I am rolling in the floor!! I agree with FITMARY, I blame the jeans!! But, what makes me really happy is how light-hearted you seem today, well, yesterday. It is so good to know this.
    Have a wonderful, happy, joy-filled weekend!!
    1563 days ago
    emoticon Thanks for sharing Rona!! This reminds me of our Christmas performance a few weeks ago. I had to sit on the floor with my back to the parents while I directed my students. I'm sure that I accidentally flashed them the whole time because both my pants and my underpants kept slipping downward - it was so annoying. I hope that everyone was looking at all the cute little ones and not at my rear end. emoticon Glad you went for your walk! emoticon
    1564 days ago
    Try having that happen when you're in church...

    Loved the photos!
    1564 days ago
    You are a very hilarious writer, thanks for the smile! (And, my own UP are very comfortable at the moment thank you!)
    1564 days ago
    Great had me at the word UNDERPANTS!

    Perhaps time to go to the thong or commando......

    Totally a personal choice but thanks for the great post.....I laughed so hard, my son wanted to know what is so love the word underpants as well. He read the title and walked away laughing.

    Yes I find it a good rule to avoid unbuckling your pants in front of strangers!
    1564 days ago
    1564 days ago
    been there wedgied that
    1564 days ago
    Thanks for the laugh!! I admit it was out loud - I don't think anyone else heard me


    And it really cracked me up because so often when I go for a walk this is exactly what happens to me. If it's not underpants it's socks, my other nemesis. And my thoughts really can't seem to go anywhere else

    But I really lost it when you got to the ferry - still chuckling over that

    Loved this post!
    1564 days ago
    This was so funny. Now when I go for a walk that is what I will be thinking about.
    1564 days ago
    Oh my, took me back to my early childhood when I was always convinced my underpants were falling down. I spent years tugging them up!
    Too funny.
    1564 days ago
    Well my first thought was me - last summer when I ended up hiking in my underpants...
    Then I started thinking - even though they are not under pants - they are over pants - I have a rain / wind proof pants that I wear outside often these days and they feel like they are sliding down by butt all the time even if they have only shifted position by a fraction - it is all I can do but think about the shift.. So human nature like for both male and female.

    great blog.. thanks for writing
    1564 days ago
  • TERRYT55
    Too funny........I loved every word. I've been trying to get my butt off the chair today and you've inspired me! I'm going to choose my underpants carefully this morning.

    1564 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1564 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    Thank Goodness for compression underwear! I've rid myself of anything else! No riding, no slippage, no worries when I run! I use Adidas exclusively! All the best. Visited Oslo decades ago & loved it! Just watched last years Oslo Triathlon on cable recently! Awesome! Be well & keep your pants up!
    1564 days ago
    On the plus side, the issue you had with your underpants was brief.

    Sorry, couldn't resist. LOL !


    anyway, I'm glad you got out to take your walk. that's progress. Yeah, it's annoying to have your underwear ride up on you. of course, a long time ago, I had the opposite problem. I had underwear that kept falling down ! talk about annoying. You know what this means ? Time for new panties !

    BTW, that's a slender guy. Looks like a youth more than a man. But yeah, going au naturelle would solve your panty problem. LOL !!

    1564 days ago
    HaHa! You are hilarious and you describe what a lot of us go through with the pesty underpants! What a pain they are at times. Panty lines? Now that's another pain in the b____!!!! Have a good day! Good for you for getting out there! emoticon emoticon
    1564 days ago
    Ha, ha, ha! Great walk!!!
    p.s. I blame the jeans...
    1564 days ago
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