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Where is my Get up and Go?

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I think it got up and went. I want to exercise and track my food and drink my water in my mind but my body won't do it. It is so frustrating. I have joined a million challenges and I am trying so hard but I just can't get it going. I need someone to kick me in the butt please!!!My life is going well right now and my mom is dong well at the nursing home. My dad is doing better after having a bad fall before xmas. My oldest daughter has found a new boyfriend after breaking off with a relationship of 11 years. I am so happy for her as I really didn't care for her last boyfriend. This one now is really awesome according to her-LOL. My my youngest daughter is now 23 weeks pregnant and doing well but my 1 grandson is sick with a strange illness that they don't know what it is. He has had a fever and rash for a week so far.I worry when its a strange illness that can't be explained yet.I am doing alright but my deceased daughter has been on my mind and I hate that.I feel motivated in my mind I see myself exercising but I can't get my butt off the couch even though its my new years goal to exercise 10 minutes each day. I got the WII fit to help with that and the T25 workout program also so why am I sitting here. Why am I not exercising this is so frustrating. I know I can do it- I know I can.Well, venting has helped me today for I am going to exercise right now on the treadmill. Thanks for listening Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated for sure. love, Lu
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    Hang in there!

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    100+ Pounds Team
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    1553 days ago
  • MZLADY77
    Take one day at a time. emoticon
    1555 days ago
    1563 days ago
  • CHERIJ16
    My motivation comes from my desire to be healthy and to kick or at least control my diabetes. I want to be around so I can enjoy my husband and family. I want to be strong so I can live my life on my terms. I know this has to be a lifestyle choice and change not just a diet that is temporary. I also know that I have to make this change one day at a time, one step at a time.
    My favorite mantra is: If it is to be it's up to me!
    1565 days ago
  • KIM22211
    before I forget, I hope you are going to log your losses for the year each week with us on Weight for God team. It is under challenges if you have not already. It just started (obviously! lol) and we really want to see how much weight our whole team loses all year. Our big goal is 1000 total! Now, as far as your life, it sounds awesome. I am happy for you! I think I recall you asking for prayer for your daughter so I am real happy to hear she is doing better with the new beau! Just dont get overwhelmed is all I can say and keep it simple. When we set ourselves up with so many different things we can just set ourselves up to fail because we cant possibly do it all so therefore we do none! Dont beat yourself up you just move. move move move. Do a tiny bit more each day and before you know it, you are full blown exercising and in great shape!
    1566 days ago
    I always say that..."My get up and go got up and went". Hope you find yours SOON!
    1566 days ago
  • KMW987
    'Thinking about exercising burns up to 0 calories!'

    'By the time you decide to exercise, you could have already been 1/2 way done'

    Easier said than done, I know. I've been struggling to find my motivation lately too. We just have to get up and take that first step. After that it gets a lot easier.

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    1566 days ago

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    I think your a bit burned out by some most emtional things. However, you know when you start an do stuff for yourself, you will feel better and better. Why don't you start with small bites, and as you do those things, reward yourself. it seems like your caring for everyone else but you. emoticon
    1566 days ago
    I really believe one size does not fit all, So what everyone has said to you are food for thought, Just look at them and apply what you think might work for you, Maybe one or two just may. Here's to finding what works for you. Oh and Don't beat yourself up, You have had to deal with quite a bit, Be kind to yourself, You can do this. emoticon
    1566 days ago
    Hiya Luann!

    One thing that I do when I start to lose my motivation is take a few minutes to stop and really think about the goal I'm trying to reach. However, my approach to goal-setting is a little different from others. My goal isn't simply to lose weight. It's not even really to reach my goal weight of 145 lbs. Instead, the goal is has to be looked at from a big-picture perspective. Sure I want to lose weight, but WHY am I trying to do it? For me, the answer is 2-fold. First, I want to accomplish my goal weight so that I can successfully begin a career as a wedding planner / personal trainer for engaged couples and their wedding parties. Second, my fiance is away right now and will be for a few years. I want to work on my health so that I can be perfectly healthy for him when he returns, so that I can be confident in my appearance when we get back together and so that I can be at an optimal weight when we begin thinking about whether we want to have children. When I look at it that way, losing weight is a means to a much more important end rather then THE end.

    When I only look at the weight-loss as the end goal, for some reason it's not enough motivation. Instead, I try to think about what losing this weight will help me accomplish on a grander scale. I'll be able to start the career I want, earn more money, be more confident in myself and be in good health to begin my new life with my fiance. Those things matter much more than a number on the scale, so I choose to focus on them as the main goals and look at weight-loss as one of the many things I need to do to achieve those goals.

    Perhaps you can take a bit of time to look at the goals you've set, and see how losing weight supports them. If losing weight is the only goal, perhaps it alone doesn't evoke strong-enough emotion to keep you motivated. If that's the case then redefining your goals might be the way to go. If that's not the case, perhaps you should take some time to really visualize what your life will be like with this weight gone and better health gained. What will you look like? How will you feel? Will losing this weight help you to reduce your risk for certain illnesses or give you an opportunity to cut back on certain medications? What will you be able to do that you feel you can't do easily now? How will your weight loss better help those you love? Take a few minutes to sit with your eyes closed and really visualize that life while answering those questions. Sometimes when we start to lose motivation all we really need is a strong, visual (and visceral) reminder of why we're doing what we're doing.

    The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reconnect with our goals and visions for our future lives. Sometimes those goals or that vision changes, and we need to check in with ourselves to reestablish what needs to be done and why it needs to be done. I know that my goals and vision have changed a bit since the beginning of last year because there have been new developments in my life. So I took some time to redo my goal board on the start page, and as I did I sat and visualized how each of the goals I entered would look and feel. It was a great way to reconnect with myself and get all parts of me on the same page to begin working toward the new goals. Perhaps something like that will help you.

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    1566 days ago
    I just read that you don't reach your goals because they are too easy or too hard. Don't give up on your dreams. emoticon
    1567 days ago
    I love all of these ideas -- so glad you blogged about this. My only addition would be to figure out a reward. If I do "this" for "this" amount of time, I'm going to buy that trashy gossip magazine or whatever floats my boat at the time. And then switch it up to make it fresh.

    Way to go, LUANN7! Know that you are doing great and that the resistance you feel is necessary for change. You can't build muscle without resistance.

    1567 days ago
    Good for you for getting up and doing it! You'll feel so much better after even just 5 minutes!
    1567 days ago
    1567 days ago
    I've had a lot happen to me last year as well. My husband passed away in May and I just can't seem to get back into the groove. I started cardio exercising yesterday even though I didn't feel like it. I exercised today too, not feeling any different than yesterday.
    1567 days ago
    It sounds like you have a "full plate" of family matters that keep you worried. Not going to tell you not to worry, because I know that's easier said than done.

    It does sound like you have joined to many challenges, thinking that all of that would motivate you. Like others have said, try starting with small goals, like your exercise for 10 min., and build on that. Join one challenge & stick with it, and even if you don't get everything tracked, try starting with tracking some of it.

    Remember, YOU are worth it, and emoticon
    1567 days ago
    You did good on Tuesday and it would be my divine appointment to kick you in the butt. Thank you for the opportunity.
    1567 days ago
    Maybe you've joined too many challenges? Too many balls in the air to grab?

    Try sticking to just one goal for now, the 10-minutes a day is good.

    Then there's always blogging about about what you're going to do then log off and go do it! That has worked for me MANY times in the past.

    I'm glad everything else is going great!

    1567 days ago
    I totally get what you're saying. I'm at that place, too, right now. I think most of us hit a wall sometimes when we just can't get it going. I try to go and read a few SP articles on Motivation, especially any by Dean Anderson. The big deal here is that you haven't given up and it's important to celebrate that. Hang in there and don't be too hard on yourself. Start small and celebrate all those baby steps until you're back to your old motivated self. And just in case you need a little extra boost
    1567 days ago
  • KITT52
    start with 10 minutes...3 times a week and then see how that goes..

    I start off my day with marching while I brush my teeth and that seems to get me to keep going...

    but find what works for you.....

    good luck
    1567 days ago
  • BOPPY_
    Tip 1:

    * Walk, first.
    * Plan a SMALL step of improvement, while you are walking.
    * Oh, by the way, the step you plan is step 2. Step 1 was the walk.
    * Blog about the success (the walk and the plan), after the fact.
    * Repeat.
    * Increase the size and number of the steps as you go.

    You can do this. emoticon
    Conspire to make yourself a success. emoticon

    * Congratulations on using the blog to get moving! You will do this!

    Lee emoticon

    P.S. BTW, I can't do any of this on a treadmill, because my balance is so bad, I have no attention left to plan. I do my thinking, planning, and visualizing about plan, while walking on terra firma. YMMV
    1567 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/8/2014 2:35:35 PM
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