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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

So back in November, I started feeling a strange stretching sensation on the inside of my knee. I realized almost immediately that this was problematic, as that area has no muscles, so I shouldn't get the stretching sensation. Woo.

Visited my doctor and physio, and turns out that I have a "tweaked" (the technical term) Coronary Ligament. That would be the ligament that pretty much holds the whole knee together. Woo again

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So, I got the go-ahead to keep doing what I've been doing (with modifications), and a series of exercises to help strengthen the rest of the leg. Started those, went home for Xmas, and then...

*dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuun*

I got tendinitis in my "good" knee because I've been babying the bad knee. Woot. Again. Climbed again last night, but ended up spending most of the time hauling myself up with my arms (bad form, very tiring, but still climbing!) to save my knees. Right knee still swollen, though. So, before swimming tonight...

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So I'll be good to my knees. Reducing my climbing to one day a week. Swimming instead (probably Wednesday, Friday, Sunday swimming, Tuesday climbing). *sigh* Starting up a dance class on Sundays in my apartment for some friends. Should be fun. Need to be careful about torquing my knee on turning, but they're all beginner, so easy moves are the best anyway.

Trying hard to be good, food-wise, but it's tough. I want to eat my injury away, even though I know that extra food won't help. *triple sigh*

One more week of free yoga on Mondays (after my physio appt and belly dancing... long day :P). Carefully modifying everything for my knees. Of course, the fact that I can only do high lunge, not low lunge means my legs are REALLY sore ... but that's a muscle-building sore, not a hurt joint sore :)

Hope everyone's having a great new year thus far :)

Since I don't believe in resolutions, I instead have goals:
1. Lose the happy-relationship and weightlifting snacktime weight I gained last year, and maybe an additional 5 lbs to see if it improves my climbing.
2. Get a dog.
3. Do zero burpees for the Spartan Race this year (aka, succeed at all obstacles).
4. Go to Asia on our trip (if I can pry my Ashke out of Toronto long enough to make plans).
5. Start putting my fabric where my mouth is, buy a sewing machine, and start making my wardrobe make sense (in a Classy Bohemian oxymoronic kind of way).

What are your goals, and how will you keep them from falling by the wayside as Resolutions usually do?
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  • KONRAD695
    Knee problems really stink, and they heel slow. I had a tendon that wrapped around from the outside in on my right knee. Here are two things I learned. Those neoprene braces with the plastic supports on the side are WONDERFUL!! They don't work for bending or weight loading, but they are great for twisting and angle support. I never wore it for more than three hours, and I always gave the good knee a couple separate hours a day too. The second thing is that I did the exercises for both knees. The good one needs around half the work as the bad one.

    Two side notes also would be- Keep yourself Happy. Endorphin withdraws stink.
    Get "The Rub" with arnica, works wonders

    Good luck, Konrad
    1890 days ago
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