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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

This is just to say that I am meeting my back side coming and going. My son has been sick for a month, thanks to dear old ex AGAIN. Our business is taking off and I am so thankful for that. Every spare penny goes back into the business but at least we are not worrying about paying the bills. It's just that it would be so helpful to have money to get to a level where we could hire enough people. We're about to expand and build a building. But there are my children to teach. A house to keep clean. Unfortunately, sleep is not negotiable. And we have an employee that cannot work full time. Any business owners out there know what that's like. Thankfully, he is very good. But he is a college student. And he's young. And he has a fiance that demands her Saturdays!!! And he took off a week with no notice during a product launch. And his aunt ( :-( ) is dying, sadly. But he is taking off again.

There is no time to diet. There is no time for me. My husband does not understand that my job is full time already. Thank you all for stopping by occasionally to check on me. I just wanted to let you all know why I've been scarce. The only thing I've done on here is keep my login streak going.

And you'll all remember the stove that was out for a month. Then there was Thanksgiving and Christmas. We didn't really have time for those holidays, but you can't not go see family. Oh. And my mom is getting married the 25th and she expects me to take my son, who, if he gets sick, takes a month to heal, who has Downs and ADHD and some autistic tendencies. He shouts and slaps himself in the head, thanks to the MMR (shouting age 3) and the D-TAP (age 5 1/2 slapping self). Thanks to his not eating solids or knowing how to drink, going anywhere is challenging enough without all the shouting and slapping himself. And I'm trying to potty train him. We don't have time to leave the business for this all day excursion. Oh. And she already expects us to call this new man, whom we hardly know, 'Pa'. Ummm. Not. Happening.

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    You guys are all so amazing. Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. I hope everyone knows (the ones who occasionally stop by to check on me) that I'm not ignoring anyone. Just busy.

    Know what happened today?!! Plumbing problems with the kitchen sink! A water leak that made my kitchen look like a pond minus the ducks. My husband did not have time to spare, but he had to take an hour and a half to fix it. Thankfully he did despite several issues with how our plumbing is configured. The blessings are that we did not have to hire a plumber. Not that we would have been able to anyway because they are all busy for weeks due to the weather. So we saved money and we are no longer inconvenienced in that way.

    I love you guys!! You are all awesome!
    2112 days ago
    Wow hon, it just keeps getting better huh? Praise God though He is our strength in time of struggle. You are doing great my friend and I do miss you. Keep your head high, and keep the faith sis. God is great!!
    2112 days ago
    Running a business, raising children....each one in itself is stressful. I admire that you keep going. You have determination. Just remember: take time for you. If you don't recharge yourself, you will run out of the ability to help yourself or anyone else. It took me a long time to remind myself of this and I still forget it at times. By saying this to you, I am reminding myself again. We can do this!
    2112 days ago
  • KIM22211
    tell us how you really feel. lol!!!! somehow you will get through this too. We will say a prayer for you and the family. good to hear from you!!!
    2113 days ago
    I am committing to prayer covering for your son's protection from germs & for his safety during the time away from home, if y'all do decide to attend the wedding.

    God bless you with making the best decision for your immediate family.

    2113 days ago
    Thank you for the encouragement ladies. :-) Actually, for the most part I'm not stressed. Most of the time, I'm just busy. But when I take a snapshot of everything that needs to be done, then I do get overwhelmed and stressed. Tankfully, that does not define me like it once did.

    And hubby wouldn't tell me not to go. Two factors make it very hard. The business and keeping our commitment to customers who have paid for machines. The other is my son, who is normally just difficult to travel with anyway for a number of reasons. Then I do NOT want him getting someone else's germs. In the past, getting sick used to mean pneumonia and a 2 week hospital stay. I just feel guilty. Mama has always understood about my son's health. For the first 3 years of his life, we didn't know if he was going to make it or not. At Christmas, she seemed to pretty well expect us to be there. I don't want to, but I may have to make her mad.

    Thank you so much for praying for me Della. It means a LOT to me!!
    2113 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2113 days ago
    Obey your husband! If he doesn't think it's a good idea to go to the wedding, bow out. I have prayed for you. The Lord put you on my heart.
    GOD husband family business.

    :) thats what I've been taught!
    2113 days ago
    Sounds like your stress level is through the roof. I think you must be a very strong person! Hope your business continues to do well. You are emoticon !!!
    2113 days ago
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