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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

While its still early, I am feeling not much better today. A friend posted on FB last night that according to "those in the know". January 6th is the most depressing day of the year.

Yesterday was very depressing for me. Add to it the cold cold frozen tundra and having not left my own house in 3 days.
I know all about SAD and I know I suffer from it. However, its worse for me right now, dealing with this impending move. I want to clarify. I am not moving to some new magical land where I will meet lots of new people and live in a new exciting town. No, I am moving less than 2 miles up the road from where I am now, and its up a holler, up on a hill, or as I call it, "in the boonies". On days like today, snowy cold days, the roads are more dangerous to have to travel on.
I will feel more depressed than normal as I will feel stuck.
Honey is going to go cut some trees down around the area in the hopes that maybe I will get some more sunlight, because right now its dark and bleak. Very bleak.

So people will say make the best of it, well honestly I cannot see any good in it at all.
Then of course there is dealing with the puppy training, right now, I just dont care, I put her in the crate but I got her out and turned her loose, let her poop everywhere I really dont even care.
I am up 16 pounds from this day 1 year ago. And that is depressing for me, I am sick to death of cold and wind and snow and rain and ice.
I havent seen sun or felt warmth in so long and I cant even get in my car and drive to the tanning bed because my car doors are frozen. And besides the tanning bed is closed due to the below zero temps, schools are closed and most people are just staying inside, happy to still have electricity and my neighbor has a dog who absolutely refuses to go inside his dog house, he put straw down and he put the dog inside the house and stood over him and as soon as the man left, the dog was right back outside and he isnt a mean bad man, he cares for his dog, but he has no where to put him inside and I looked over there early this morning and that dog was laying outside on the ground next to a perfectly good big roomy doghouse with straw and I dont know what my neighbor is going to do.

Add to all of this that tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of the date I broke my foot.
So, here I am a year later, 16 pounds heavier, no chance to go walking anytime soon.
Maybe people much stronger and much younger and healthier than myself can bundle up and go out in this, but I cannot and will not.

And that is so far my depressing, sad, cold, poop filled day.
But really, I am feeling a little better. LOL. emoticon
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    I have the same issue. I live in Chicago, and am so glad the flights were cancelled until Thursday, as I sit in AZ doing the same work I would be doing there in the gloom. My husband has special light bulbs in my office, and when it gets really bad is when I have to exercise the most. I mean in the morning and late in the evening. Exercise is the best mood enhancer for me. Try to give yourself a special treat, especially after a hard day of movie like watching a comedy or something. Hang in there. :)
    1626 days ago
    It's never easy to be motivated in the dark and bitter cold. And having that Polar Vortex sitting over a sizable chunk of the continental US isn't helping. I guess Polar Vortex sounds more imposing than an Alberta Clipper. That's what the arctic blasts out of Canada are called in New England.

    I actually love winter. Okay, I'm not to keen on the bitter windchills, but let me tell you something I really enjoy at this time of year. When it's quiet, I love hearing the sound my boots make when I walk across the freshly fallen snow. Some times, if I'm lucky, I'll catch a glimpse of a cardinal flying from one branch to another. You can't miss that bright red bird against the pure white snow. it's really beautiful.

    Which is my point. Winter can be grey and bleak or it can be serene and beautiful. It's all about looking at the situation with a different perspective. When the temps improve a bit, why not go out and listen to the sound your boots make as you walk across the snow ? You might find it enjoyable.

    1626 days ago
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