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Happy chat with my son

Monday, January 06, 2014

This evening my younger son, Cole, who paid for all my Herbalife and boot camps...

....were chatting about his job on the rig and the fact that he is due for leave now. I was surprised because I hadn't realized that a whole year had passed since he first went to work on the rig. Then we got onto the fact that he loves the gym on the rig which led to some feel good chatter for me.....and here is the dialogue from there onward.

Cole : At least i have a free gym on the rig.. I luuuuuv the gym... 2014 is going to be my year... I'm going to work out till i look like Schwarzenegger.

Me : LOL well I'm going to look like Demi Moor this year also. Nah I'm going to look like the best me possible. Today I wore my skinniest jeans to meet Justin's cousin and could put a finger between my body and the jeans waistline..... yay for me.

Cole : its awesome noticing all the new little things huh?! But its all good mom...you earned those little things with blood, sweat and tears.

Me : Yes indeedy. I was a tad heart broken this morning that I had to miss first boot camp of the year because of the 8am bfast....aaaargh but I know family is important, but I wanted to be there...but I know family is important..but LOL

Cole : Not to worry mom.. its only 1 session... there are many more to come

Me : I know LOL in fact the next one is on Wed morning. I'm sooo addicted to boot camp. Who would have thought I could get to this point in my life?

(And here is the part that just made me all warm and mushy inside)
Cole : I would have thought...I just didn't know when!

Me : Aw thanx man.

All of that to tell you that I CANT BELIEVE my son ACTUALLY thought I would get here one day....goodness....not even I believed in me?!?!
But I am delighted that I have gotten where I am. I am delighted that I am finally in control of my brain, my emotions, my weight, but especially my emotional eating. The end of March will be a year from when I started and I cant wait to compare myself...the before and "halfway" pictures because even after one year, it wont be an after picture, but a half way picture and that's okay. If I need another year, then I need another year.
But I barely recognize me now from one year ago. My body is muuuch firmer from all the boot camp exercises and I hear they just got tougher. Rico calls it PHASE 3 said in an ominous voice emoticon but I wont know till Wednesday what the others are talking about.
Still, I cant wait to actually find out.

Due to how Im looking, my energy levels, body shape changing....I'm gaining customers on a weekly basis. Tonight Diane, who gave me the fabulous bicycle, has asked for my details because she wants info on how to be super healthy and well. She will be my first online customer (locally) and my sister from the UK will soon to be my first (international) customer. She is just waiting for the products to be put up, the paying system is already there.
Goodness, is this me?

This is a VERY EXCITING journey.
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