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Why One Day of Eating In Range Is a Huge Victory

Monday, January 06, 2014

I ate in range yesterday.

This is a huge victory. Eating in range was something I rarely did anyway before my recent downward spiral. Between Nov.20th and Jan.4th, I chose to ignore most common-Spark-sense, to ignore myself. I haven't been tracking, and have chosen to eat, eat, eat in quantity. I've not done strength training or non-running cardio. And I even had a period of 8 days with absolutely no exercise. I gained 9.2 pounds.

Besides the ongoing stresses including my DH being out of work (and rather depressed), not having health insurance and supervising my mother's care, I have had the 'joy' of dysfunctional extended family drama (and fear of the drama), plus the major anxiety of whether my Dear Daughter could return to school. She just finished her first semester of college - and lost 22# due GI problems caused by undiagnosed Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). The bright spot in the last six months of major stress for me was that my daughter was happy in college - and that got yanked away and I was at a place of major fear that she was going to get derailed from college and her dreams for her future. And I just broke down over having one more person to take care of, to rescue.

We eventually came up with a plan involving gathering information and resources so DD could try going back for the interim semester. Our hope is that she can get treatment for the GAD while she stays on track in college.

There is so much I could write about. We supposedly have regular health insurance now - but the cards haven't come yet. So I'll have to keep following up on that. The wearing nature of the retail season is easing, but that also means less hours and less money - major stress. I have applied for a full-time position at my store and am well-thought of there, but I will only believe it when it actually happens. I will continue to ask DH to do very specific things around the house - it'll be a very short list and I will thank him for what he does do. The cats are overdue for checkups - I will ask my mother to borrow money to cover that.

I so wanted to sleep in this morning, but woke up early thinking too much and could not get back to sleep.

It is a lovely minus 15 degrees outside (without windchill) - I will only be leaving the house for an emergency before I have to be at work at 6 on Tuesday morning. My plans for the day include food prep, at-home exercise, working on the Stress-Busting Challenge, trying to connect myself with support, and earning as many Spark points as possible.

Let's keep warm and take care of ourselves!


December Progress Update:
Journalling/blogging on 10 days - 15 days
Tracking food on 13 days - 12 days plus a few partials
Exercising on 22 days - 13 days

January Goals and Progress Update:
Journalling/blogging on 16 days - 1 day
Tracking food on 15 days - 2 days
Exercising on 22 days - 1 day

I've been catching up on old notifications from Spark, and two things stand out. I have blogged about the above stresses before but am okay re-venting as needed, and many of you have offered support and word of encouragement - THANK YOU!
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