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Sunday, January 05, 2014

OK, sometimes I can be a little "off." Now is one of them. Let me explain. I went into a DEEP sleep and woke up at 6:40. My husband's first day back at the university is on Monday for a meeting at 8:30. When I saw that he was up, I staggered into the living room. He said that he was reading the proposal that he's working on for the last time, so I said, "No problem," and went back to bed. I texted my daughter saying that I was up, that we could talk on her way to work. I sent welcomes to new people on our team. I was surprised that everyone (leaders) had already welcomed everyone. I was so proud of myself that I was up "early" and might actually be the first person to welcome them since I usually can't do it until nighttime. I was even thinking that my husband was right, that it must be as cold as they said it was going to be on Monday morning because the heater kept coming on. I thought, "Well, he's right, I'm not going to go to the grocery store!" A few minutes later, he said that I could start our omelet, our usual supper on Sunday nights. I thought he had said the wrong word, so I asked him if he wanted me to cook biscuits for breakfast because I thought that he had already eaten breakfast. He said, "No, it's Sunday night!!!" I didn't believe him. He had to show me the computer that it was 7:30 PM. I was, and still am, so confused.

I wanted to share my story so you could have a good laugh, but I hope we don't have a mass exodus of members because they don't want to be on a team in which one of the leaders is so crazy!!

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    I remember doing something like that too. I think each and every one of us has done it! Thank you for the chuckle ... I needed it!
    1529 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    That explains getting TWO mails from you in one day!!!!!
    1559 days ago
    Hmmm, sounds normal to me emoticon
    1563 days ago
    1564 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your story with humility and humor. It did indeed bring a smile of familiarity to my face emoticon
    1565 days ago
  • KIM22211
    totally has happened to me too!!!
    1565 days ago
    Ohhhhh that's funny. You must've had a really nice nap, then. :)

    Happy New Year to you! :)

    Love the new page design with the poinsettias and the red layout. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1565 days ago
    You are okay! I love you Ronda, bless your heart. There was one time last year when my daughter went to bed early, which she does on a regular basis. Me and my husband was in the kitchen talking and in comes Tasha. She rubs her eyes and looks at me and her dad and then goes to the bathroom. I didn't think anything about it until she comes into the livingroom digging for her shoes. I watch her curiously not saying a word. Then she asks," Shouldn't Stephen be getting ready?" I look at her dad and start giggling to myself. I don't remember what time it was exactly. Seems like it was around 11:00, but I could be wrong. Now me and my husband kind of like to yank our kids chains so we went along with it for awhile. Tasha sits on the chair in the livingroom and patiently waits for the time to get out the door. She asks again about her brother getting ready and that was all it took. I busted up laughing!! I couldn't play it anymore!! I finally told her what time it was and she stomped off to her room to prepare for bed!!

    My kids are bad for getting up in half sleep doing things! Me and Travis gets a kick out of it. Shucks, I have gotten up several times thinking I heard the clock ring only to find out it is only about 4 in the morning!! Yea Ronda, you are okay. emoticon
    1566 days ago
    No worry Just like the rest of us
    1566 days ago
    You know I have the same thing. It's kind of frightening sometimes. When I was younger I was such a light sleeper. Now I don't even hear a thing until I wake up! emoticon
    1566 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/6/2014 4:59:15 AM
    That IS funny! I'll tell you a very true story - a number of years ago I got chicken pox as an adult. I live alone and I was very very sick in and out of fevers and sleeps and could not leave the bed and everyone was staying away so they didn't catch it. I woke this one morning and squinted out the window and thought what a nice day it is going to be - then as I lay there it started to get more and more dark - when it was almost pitch black I got up and phoned mum and dad to let them know Jesus is coming - the morning has turned black for no reason- a miracle was occurring! I would never forget their surprise when they told me that in fact Jesus was nor arriving that day because it was 8pm at night! I lost an entire day there somewhere. Mum promptly started checking in on me regularly after that. LOL

    You must have needed a deep deep sleep!
    1566 days ago
    emoticon I did that once when I was in high school. I slept all evening and when I woke up I thought it was 7:30 in the morning and got dressed for school. I was in the den waiting for the school bus when my mom asked where I was going...after she had a good laugh she told me it was 7:30 in the evening not morning...lol
    1566 days ago
    How funny! I want an omelette now lol. I hope your real Monday goes well!
    1566 days ago
    lol!! This is typical when I fall asleep during the day. Good fun Ronda! smiles
    PS We have to wake up early if we are going to get to the new members 1st because some of our leaders on the EAST COAST (lol) seem to be here at the crack of dawn! emoticon
    1566 days ago
    What a great feeling that you have not lost your mind!

    1566 days ago
  • FIT4MEIN2013
    LOL! I have done that. It feels good, knowing that you can go back to sleep. IF you can to back to sleep, that is.
    1566 days ago
    You should be well rested. Lol. But glad everything is okay.
    1566 days ago
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