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Technology! Foiled again!

Sunday, January 05, 2014

So I woke up this morning to find that my phone was completely dead. Not dead as in, needed a battery charge... dead as in, DEAD. It was totally unresponsive. Took the battery out, put it back in, plugged it up, plugged it to a different charger... nothing. Mercifully it got warmer than predicted today and we didn't get a bunch of snow, just rain, so off we went to the Verizon store, whereupon they declared my phone... dead. So now I'm back to my old phone while I wait for the replacement to arrive. "Arrive" is kind of a misnomer, though. By "arrive" I mean "be in Columbus so that we can drive 45 minutes each way to chase it down at the Fed Ex facility". For no discernible reason, Fed Ex will not walk around the corner to the leasing office and leave packages there. Instead, they slap a note up on the door to the building {I'm in a secured access building} saying they "attempted" to deliver, and tell me when the package will be available to pick up at the sorting facility or whatever that place is. I explained this issue to the man at Verizon... who seemed rather disinterested... but it got me no where, and the current state of the situation is waiting 5 days for their "attempted" delivery, then drive to BFE and pick it up. Fed Ex has an option to have it left at a Fed Ex Office location, which is incredibly convenient... except Verizon won't allow that option.

So anyway, that's how my morning started off. Well, afternoon I suppose. It also started off with some chicken nuggets, which wasn't too bad of a choice. At least not compared to having a big cheeseburger and fries or something. Instead I had a few nuggets and some Diet Coke. Breakfast of champions, right?

Then dh and I went in the kitchen and made magical chili. Why magical? Because it was WAY better than the chili I normally make. This was a Rachael Ray recipe, and it was SO GOOD. Unfortunately I didn't get to eat much of it because it was too spicy. It called for 3 tbsp of chili powder, but I only put 2. Still too much. {It also called for hot sauce, who was she making this stuff for?!?!?!} But WOW was it some good chili. So that recipe is a definite keeper. Dh loves chili and I make it fairly often, and after having this recipe, there's no going back. And it was healthy, too. I made it with extra lean ground turkey, and left out the EVOO the recipe called for. Not necessary.

I got hungry again later and had a sandwich and a bunch of baby pickles. And I just had a small handful of Chex Mix a minute ago. It hasn't been a stellar day full of fruits and veggies, but it hasn't been too bad. And I did do a tiny bit of cleaning, in addition to going out, and cooking dinner. Not really any flaming calorie burn, but I didn't spend the entire day on my backside.

Also, a side note -- Mahogany Teak Wood candle from Bath & Body Works smells AMAZING!

And now I'm going to curl up with a magazine and relax. I'm determined to start my week off right tomorrow. I ate decently today, but tomorrow it's back to weighing and measuring food and logging food and so forth. Also, I'm doing some exercise in here, even if it's only 10 minutes. The high tomorrow is 10, and they're predicting everything to be a solid sheet of ice by morning, so that rules out going out for exercise. Just gotta keep telling myself -- get through tomorrow and Tuesday and then it starts to warm up. By the end of the week it's back in the 40s and it will be excellent walking weather. 2 more days, 2 more days...

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Stay warm, all!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sorry about your phone. That chili sounds really good though! I'd probably cut it back to 1 tbsp of chili powder though. I don't like things too spicy.
    1596 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Chili sounds good, I made some really spicy chili yesterday too!
    Keep up the good work, one day at a time! Hope it warms up for you and me both!
    1596 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Why am I NOT getting your blogs??Why am I asking YOU?? emoticon

    If anybody made me do that much work for a freaking phone, I would let them keep it and go for another.. We have a tracfone,, $20, 2X minutes for life, texting,etc.. no contract, no deliveries,, we pulled it off a rack in Kmart and the clerk scanned it, it was ours.. FOR-EVER! Came with 240 minutes which doubled,, then I bought a prepaid card.. which doubled..of course..

    your chili sounded god until the hot sauce,,yuk.. chili powder is not hot, but holy jalpenos!! That hot suace burns the taste buds fer sure...

    I use cominos and chili ancho..

    1596 days ago
    I usually just do Scenty's in my house, but am in love with the chocolate mint candle from Bath and Body works!!!! I will have to try the one you mentioned!!!
    1596 days ago
    Keep up the good work and stay warm! I understand the Verizon frustration. Hang in there!
    1596 days ago
    Great blog as usual! emoticon emoticon
    1596 days ago
    1596 days ago
  • DISNEY4537
    The darn weather always interferes with the outdoor activities. We are supposed to get to a high of -11 tomorrow...yay...not!! I hope the weather warms up for you on Wednesday. Have a great week!
    1596 days ago
  • JO88BAKO
    Those dumb phones, great when they work, but when they don't, yikes!! I love chili!! Sorry your Buckeyes didn't win. DH is from Wisconsin, so he was for Green Bay today and they lost. The playoffs have been rough. Hope your week starts out really good!! My stuff tasted ok, but couldn't get it out of the pan, so it sure wasn't pretty!! Get a good nights sleep!!
    1596 days ago
    If you haven't already, get yourself a Leslie Sansone walking DVD. I swear by her, I walk 3 miles everyday with her, and I know other than my clean eating NO SUGAR that it's helped me lose this weight I have been carrying around for years! I used to be a sedentary, couch sitting sugar stuffing nutjob for many years. So glad I decided to move it, move it, move it!!! (Love Madagascar lol)

    Leslie DVD's are great for bad weather days, and if your in a hostile environment like I am, lots of desert creatures, and some predators coming down from the mountains (bears, mountain lion) and I am not going to be THEIR lunch! And Summertime, we have all the snaky snakes. UH UH, no snake here, oh no!

    If you don't know who she is, check her out on You tube, it's not just about walking, it's also about other moves as you go, excellent walking tapes.

    1596 days ago
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