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Friday, January 03, 2014

New Years Eve I was asleep before midnight. In years past, I would have seen this as just another sign of my status as loser. This year I saw it as spending the New Year with my husband, who was also asleep. Someone set off fireworks in the neighborhood at midnight, waking me up just enough to mumble "Happy New Year" to my husband, who mumbled it back, and we both fell back to sleep.

Exciting times, my friends.

Anyway, I went to bed early, but not before I posted my annual "New Year Resolutions...Take 38" post on my regular blog. Since posting it, though, I've felt the need to make some adjustments. Partially, because Blogger was being dumb and posted the whole thing in one big, unformatted clump, and would not let me fix it. I wanted to go ahead and publish, though, so my thoughts could get out of my head and into the world. I also want to tweak it a bit, though, because of the wording. I have been writing these resolutions for years now, and the resolutions really haven't changed. Lose weight, get healthy, save money...blah blah blah. That's not to say they aren't important, just that it's not sticking. Which, of course, is not all that unusual, and I am certainly taking responsibility for my own life. The fact that I haven't succeeded is nobody's fault but my own. I am also in need of some serious soul-searching - why do I continue to sabotage my own efforts? Is it sheer laziness, or is there something else at work here? I don't know, and it's probably something I'll take on with my therapist at my next appointment, as maintaining a healthy lifestyle is certainly related to my mental health. I feel so much better and in control when I am exercising, sleeping, eating right. One 10-minute workout and two bottles of water today, and I am feeling more awake and clear than I have in weeks.

Wow, talk about a long, off-topic, ramble.

Anywho, the tweak I want to make is a simple point of verbage. My resolutions will cease to be "resolutions" and become, simply "goals." I read a lot of blogs - health and wellness, simplicity, organization, etc, and one of my favorites is Andrea Dekker. She used to write "Simple Organized Living" but now she is just AndreaDekker.com, and she wrote the other day about her joy in writing out her goals for the year, rather than "resolutions." She says,
"Goals are so much different than resolutions because goals are thought-out, achievable, planned, and organized… not just something you casually make up at the stroke of midnight on Dec. 31."

And for once, that resonated. A resolution sounds like something to break two weeks into the new year. A goal is a concrete, achievable plan.

So, I have 2 big goals for 2014, and I have broken them into small, achievable tasks.

Health and Wellness:
Build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This goal has three reasons: weight loss (sick of being the fat girl and all the health problems that come with obesity,) to be a better role model for the kiddles, and to all-around feel better. The depression and anxiety have been constant this past year and I am sick of it. Healthy living eases the depression and anxiety. My first habits I plan to add are the following:
1. 10 minutes exercise daily
2. 8 glasses water daily
3. Track all the food
You'll notice these are the quick start steps here at Spark - for a reason.
and 4. Wear my Fitbit each day. (I keep forgetting to put it on. It won't work if I don't wear it.)
I start with these and reevaluate in a couple of weeks, adding more habits as I go.

My other big goal for the year is to save money, and I have outlined those steps in my other blog. They don't necessarily apply here, although, I think clearing the fog in my head through daily healthy living will help me track my spending and saving.

So. I'm excited about starting this new life. You all have been with me through so many "fresh starts." What makes this one different? I don't know, but I'm optimistic about trying.

Have a great day!

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    You got this!!!! You should be optimistic...I can't wait to follow your progress!!
    1599 days ago
    It's amazing how much that little fitbit on my wrist motivates me to move. Good luck with your goals.
    1599 days ago
    Here's to 2014 and goals!

    1600 days ago
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