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Friday, January 03, 2014

Color etching by Giovanni Volpato, the oil painted c. 1770 by Francesco Maggiotto, Italian painter, (Venice 1738 - Venice 1805)
Title Puppet theatre (I Burattini)
Date c. 1770
Medium engraving
Dimensions 38.5 × 29.5 cm (15.2 × 11.6 in)
Copia del grabado en color conservado en el Museo Gadagne, de Lyon.


I heard a story on NPR yesterday morning and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I am constantly trying to figure out the cause for my reluctance to get started exercising and other issues of self care. I do this because I would like to change this behavior. I’ve tried many things and the most successful for me is going to classes. Sometimes the malaise becomes so bad that I do not make it to classes, either. It doesn’t make sense to me because once I get started, I really like it. It is that first minute that sometimes seems like an insurmountable hurdle.

Essentially, the book called Scarcity is about how the stress of too little time or too little money changes the ways we think and behave. It has an account of how the too little time factor influenced the behavior of one of the authors.

I don’t think that too little time and too little money are the only scarcities that would influence how we treat ourselves and how that plays out in self-care and health.

I like to be aware of the factors that could be influencing my behavior. It seems easier to me to change a behavior if I can recognize the puppet strings and cut them.
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    Scarcities-- (and their obverses would also count): too little love, too many or too few "things", too little time alone; too little art, too little friendship; too little warmth; too little fellow feeling; too little food; too much food; too little comfort; too little energy-- I think that these lack of (or in some cases the surfeit of) these things can cause people to balk at that first minute.

    I don't like doing things. I really do not. I procrastinate. I was not always this way. I connect it with my own lack of attunement with the contemporary universe. So I try harder but there are many days when, no matter how much I try, I get nothing done.

    I love your introspection and the art work you choose.
    1626 days ago
    Ah, I think it's great to analyze (I do it often) and then follow the results with action! Here's what I know for myself:

    Energy flows where the mind goes ....
    Reward myself every 30 days for sticking with exercise/tracking/weight loss ...
    F.E.A.R. - F antasy E pressed As R eality
    We must always choose to give life meaning ... find your passion and do it!

    I like that you are thinking of cutting the puppet strings ... but take a look at the violinist who is playing his own tune - no matter what is going on in the stage/arena of life....

    I know for myself the 2 weeks between Xmas/NY are my very low times. I give myself permission to just veg, read, dream, recharge. Then I am able to come back with intent and perseverance. Recognize your active and low times ... try to plan accordingly...

    As always, love your blogs as they keep me thinking and moving!
    1626 days ago
    We all are in the middle of human-revolution . It's just a human nature to be going towards laziness or take easy path. Me too it's hard to start some time,(half of the time..) but once start, it's very easy to finish with good note. It's a good idea to make exercise appointment to myself. (^^)
    emoticon emoticon
    1627 days ago
    More proof that you're perfectly normal:
    In January 2014 Self magazine Jillian Michaels says"The rest of us have to schedule our workouts like we would a meeting or a doctor's appointment." Apparently even Jillian Michaels has to schedule workouts and use other methods to make herself exercise!
    1627 days ago
    I also have trouble starting to exercise, unless I have a deadline. My goal is to practice yoga every morning. I do it first thing. Additionally DH bought me a DVD, Denise Austin's "Shrink your Five fat Zones" It was only $5.99 at BJ's. It has five 10 minute routines which alternate weights with cardio, plus a warmup and cool down. My goal is to do one routine every day. If I have more time, I include the warmup and cool down. I am tracking it on a manual calendar.
    To get in other exercise, I go to Zumba or other classes at least once a week.

    Liz, stop trying to figure out the cause for your reluctance. It sounds a little like negative self-talk. Instead, find a way around it. Attending classes is an excellent activity. The energy in classes is better than alone. So maybe you exercise better in classes and participating in them is great self care. Plus you've been very dedicated and consistent about your practice and your other interests (Portuguese,
    art, cooking, family). Also you're an inspiration to others through your blogs and SP posts!
    1627 days ago
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