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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Ahh 2014:) I'm anxious for what this year will bring. 2013 was FULL of learning so to say the least a lot of the year was difficult. I would not want to relive it but I also wouldn't take it back because it really changed who I am completely and I'm a lot happier with things. Not everything is perfect nor will it ever be but all in all life is good:)

So I'm here to set some January goals. I have been working a lot on getting more organized and getting rid of a lot of excess things whether it's junk, clothes I don't like or don't fit, people, thoughts, etc. In December I set an organization challenge for myself. I didn't get everything done that I wanted BUT I still got a lot of things done around the house that I am very proud of. In my blog I had been putting dates that I completed each item and I am going to continue to do so until it's done.

I feel I waste money and time not packing my lunch. I am good with snacks and breakfast but I don't do so well on that very important mid day meal. In all actuality I am not very good at organizing things at night for the following day and I would like to focus on this during the month of January.

I created a water challenge for myself 100 days of 8 cups of water...and I failed. I failed so bad that I actually had to go to the ER a few weeks ago. So I created my 364 days of 8 cups plus challenge for 2014. Well on my first day I only got in about 6 cups BUT that is 6 cups so 3 or more than I've been giving my body. Today I have already hit 3 and my bottle is filled and ready for me to hit 6 more. I think I would have hit my 8 cup goal but my little girl asked me to lay down by her when I was tucking her in and I passed out with her. I'm ok with that but it taught me that I need to get my water in as early as possible in the day so this doesn't happen again. Getting the extra sleep sure was nice.

I haven't done so well on working out. I do something every few days whether it's the bike or treadmill at the gym or a strength video at home but it's not what it was. I need to find that place again that I was at. I let someone stay with me while she dealt with a break up and while she is looking for a new place but I'm sort of anxious to have her out. NOt because I don't enjoy her company but I'd like my space back and my freedom to workout when I want to. I think this will help and once the weather is better I can return to running outdoors. It's ok on the treadmill but it's not the same.

January Goals
1.) Hit 8 + cups of water a day.
2.) Finish Organizing Challenge list
3.) Get things ready the night before ESPECIALLY lunch
4.) Workout schedule

Update 1/15/14
Well I feel that this year is starting well. I haven't hit all goals perfectly but I'm on my way. I had an interview this morning for a position at my current employer that would increase what I make by a pretty substantial amount. My fingers are crossed. I feel that I'm in such a good place in life in so many areas that this would be a perfect piece to add balance and stability to things. I do not make enough right now so I focus on what I can do and control which is nutrition, fitness, my relationships with my child, boyfriend friends and family, organizing the house, etc. But to be able to breath about money without feeling overwhelmed would be great for my health and overall life as well. It's been a struggle to find a new job as I am good in my current position, I thrive in it...I just don't thrive in the money unfortunately. But even though I didn't have this on my organizing list finding a new job was my biggest goal in January and if I get this position then I have completed one of the most important goals of the year. The interview went well and I will know next week. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

January Goals
1.) Hit 8 + cups of water a day. -I have hit 8 some days and close to on most days. So it's getting better. Not perfect but better.
2.) Finish Organizing Challenge list-I have made a lot of headway in this area. I've gotten rid of so much stuff that cleaning has gotten very noticeably easier and fast. Such a good feeling. ANd the more I get done the more it motivates me to keep going. I feel that once moving time comes I will be completely on track so it will be a lot easier to pack, move and unpack. Cheers to planning ahead and getting it done right:)
3.) Get things ready the night before ESPECIALLY lunch-I am getting better at this. Not perfect but better. I haven't had to eat out for lunch in about a week I'd say. My fridge is clean and grabbing food that's healthy is now pretty simple in the morning and I've been preparing things ike hard boiled eggs and such in advance.
4.) Workout schedule-My time is now mine again as my temporary roommate is gone. So this week and some of last week my living room was mine to do what I wanted and once my little girl was in bed I was able to workout and be showered by 9:30. So mapping workouts out has been MUCH easier. Feeling good about it. I'm hoping it'll be good enough weather to start running again in the next month or two with my boyfriend.

Update: Feb 1
Well I'd say this was a successful month and not because I carried out my goals throughout the month but because I got through my struggles and have now turned my goals into habits..all of them. It took all month but it worked and I got out of the rut the holidays get you in. I saw a lot of people struggling on here and it was nice to ahve others understand how I was feeling and to be able to motivate eachother to get back up. While I didn't gain weight based ont he scale I had lost a lot of tone I'd worked for and some control over food. I also drank more which affects my mood too.

January Goals
1.) Hit 8 + cups of water a day.: I struggled with water all month but this past week feel it is FINALLY a habit again which feels so good. It was a struggle for probably three months I'd say.
2.) Finish Organizing Challenge list: I haven't completely finished but I've accomplished so much in this area it's astounding. Cleaning is so much easier and I still continue to go back over areas and get rid or things and reorganize. I still need to get my bill spreadsheet and system all updated, deep clean my car and garage and go through my daughters toys but the majority of other areas are done.
3.) Get things ready the night before ESPECIALLY lunch-I haven't had to buy a lunch out in weeks which feels great. It's not only better for me but better for the pocket book.
4.) Workout schedule: I purchased JNL Fusion and started it this week. I LOVE it. So a workout scheudle for the next few weeks is all planned out. Back on track and ready to see the results. Woohoo!!

I struglled this month as I said but I feel in these areas I really exceled towards the end.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My organizing is going great. My water...not so much BUT it is getting much better than it was. Not hitting my full 8 everyday but I get close most days and it's consistantly on my mind. Thank you for asking!
    2672 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1540230
    These goals sound good and attainable. How are you doing getting your water in and organizing?
    2672 days ago
    How are you coming with this? Do you have an action plan for the week?
    2681 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2682 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    2685 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12054749
    You can do it!! All of those are very doable goals and I know you can do it!! Try adding fruit to your water....If you put some fruit (lemon slices, tangerines or orange slices or cucumber, mint, etc) in a pitcher of water the day or night before you fill up your bottle you will have some naturally flavored water and maybe that will make it easier for you to get your 8+ cups a day.

    Good luck!!
    2685 days ago
    Those are some great Goals!
    2685 days ago
    Love your goals...and most of them are on my list for 2014 too! I definitely have to get back to evenings preparations for the next day. Just makes my mornings so much smoother.
    2685 days ago
    I think those are good goals, and reachable! And of course I have been working on my 8 cups of water goal, too. I've so far gotten in my 8 cups a day, but I use an EcoVessel filtered insulated water bottle that holds 3 cups at a time and makes water from any source clean and taste great. Also you only have to fill it up three times to get in your cups so it seems like less...maybe that would help you? Plus you don't have to worry about dirty water. emoticon emoticon
    2685 days ago
    Organizing is on my list as well and another friend also wants to declutter and organize. Seems it's the them for 2014.

    Great job figuring out your list and what you want to work on!
    2685 days ago
    Those are great goals for 2014!
    2685 days ago
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