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I hurt myself running :(

Thursday, January 02, 2014

So much for new week resolutions -- we lost our internet for 2 days, so I didn't get to spark at all! WAAAHHH!!

In other news:

Well I figured being off for almost 8 weeks would have been enough time to heal, but now I feel worse than ever. Sigh.

In October, when I did the half-marathon, by the end of the race, my right hip was aching and ready to have the race OVER! It hurt for a day or two, and I limped around because I wasn't sure what needed stretching, but it didn't last long. Then at the end of October, when I ran a 5K, my right knee started hurting during the last mile. A twinge at first, but eventually it developed into a more painful problem of hurting whenever I straightened the leg. I decided to lay off running for a while, and then the holidays came, etc.

Running was painful. Dance, however, was not. I had no problems with my knees while dancing, or my hip, so I assumed it was an impact type of injury and would go away.

Well, I tried running on Tuesday, and I made it less than a mile before the knee started its nonsense again, but this time I could barely run on it. Even walking was starting to get painful. My right hip started aching, and I had to cut the run short -- only 2.5 miles.

My right hip is STILL screaming, and I'm limping again. It seems to feel slightly less painful when I rotate my right hip in, which gives me a lovely zombie-walk. Now I'm beginning to wonder if it's bursitis or something, since I can't figure out what to stretch to make it feel better!

I can't go to the doctor until we get our insurance straightened out (thanks, ACA! I hate you sometimes!!!) and since I can dance JUST FINE, I'm still weirded out by why I can't run, and why I'm still limping. Advil doesn't seem to touch this. I'm going to try Tylenol, but I know that's ignoring the actual problem.

Anybody else felt this? I am SURE it's related to running in the street, the same routes, and possible alignment issues. I'm guessing the knee is off alignment and that's what's causing the hip pain, but I'm not a PT, so I don't know for sure.

In any case it's EXTREMELY frustrating because I have a mileage goal and I'm really wanting to make some headway into my 2014 goals :(
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    I walked yesterday for an hour and only felt minor fatigue issues in my hips. I suspect a lot of my problem is from road running. I know in races we tend to stay in the middle of the road and I do fine on tracks, but if I run in the "gutter" for too long, I have problems.

    Seeing the doc in a couple of weeks, so I'll let you all know what she says. The upper part of my glutes is tight as HECK and I think that is contributing to my low back issues. It's very difficult to foam roll out those glutes, at that angle. I may have to revert to tennis balls again!
    1563 days ago
    Re: ACA, one of my friends was having trouble signing up, and she called the 800 number. They got it straightened out for her pretty quickly. Give it a try if you haven't yet. Once your insurance is straightened out, find a physical therapist or deep tissue massage therapist who can help you figure out what's causing your pain. Above all, my advice from experience is, don't let it stop you. Keep on dancing or doing whatever you can do to keep active. Personally I found that a visit to an osteopath was all it took to get my back and hip pain sorted. I have no idea what she did, but it worked. :)
    1564 days ago
    Another thing to consider is your running shoes - have you changed them lately to a different brand or style since they will affect alignment too. Hope you get the insurance figured out so you can go see a doctor and figure it out. At least you still have your dancing!
    1565 days ago
    Ouch! Hope you can get to a doctor soon and heal quickly! emoticon emoticon
    1570 days ago
    Sounded like IT band to me also - but you need to get that confirmed. There are good IT band stretches on-line you can search and try. Road running also usually makes you run on slanted pavement, and that can cause knee and hip problems - trying to find flat ground to run on (sidewalks?) may also help.
    1573 days ago
  • WILDKAT781
    emoticon emoticon
    1574 days ago
    Good luck and here's to hoping you heal quickly!!
    1574 days ago
    Ouch!!! I hope you get in to a doc soon and find the problem!
    1574 days ago
    You need to see a professional as soon as possible so you can identify the location and causation. Do you know anyone who is a physical thereapist? You definitely don't want to exacerbate the problem and possibly make it a chronic issue. Take care of yourself first of all. The mileage goal will be pretty useless if you do permanent harm to yourself.

    emoticon Feel better soon!
    1574 days ago
  • WILEE323
    Sounds like IT band issues. I get the same thing. Do you use a foam roller? Greatest thing ever! I did PT, and they had me working on hip, glute, and core strength. Lots of you tube videos if you do a search.
    1574 days ago
    See a doctor. You need to find out what's causing this.
    1574 days ago
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