Uggggg....grrrrr. snarl...... and other ick day words

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Yesterday started off great, while I didn't get the quality of sleep that I am getting used to having it wasn't horrible either. I went and read in bed listening to music on the tv at 9pm and put the book down just before 10:30pm I fell asleep soon after, only to be woken up by my stumbling hubby sometime after midnight. It went down hill from there, every so often (didn't look at the clock so go me on that) I'd startle awake with some fear about my alarm going off, not going off, and other stupid pointless reasons to wake up. I don't think I achieved REM sleep at all that night. I did however drag my sorry tired butt out of bed when it finally went off at 5:30am. Here's the top of the slope, I went out in the living room, got online to check my stuff look up it's after 6am (like now), I go in the kitchen to make my breakfast and make a lot of noise doing so because well it had seemed my children didn't finish up their chores the night before and I got to deal with them. I get out my pan and ingredients to get the first teeter in my day... the olive oil pump is broken, so my lightly fried egg is stuck on the pan and starting to burn. My cheese melts over my toast and on to the element of the toaster. I'm so sore from my workout and cleaning the day before I can barely move. I talk to my Mom and try to patently wait for everyone else in the house to wake up because I forgot my book in my room, need to get dressed, and start my day... And the top of the slide. I finally got in the shower around 8ish, hubby wakes up and comes out of the room about 9ish. By now I had wanted to work out (not happening) start in on the closet for the rest of the mess, Have chores done, and everyone getting ready to go. I was a good girl and logged in my points all well with pre planned meals and had coffee points to spend. We didn't get out of the house till after 11 and I know this because my stomach gave a very unladylike yell while in line to get said coffee. Almost 11:30 no wonder I was so hungry and I didn't bring me a snack. Got the coffee, headed out for the errands and the hill picked up speed. While at the inlaws the hubby wants lunch. I'm thinking of the pre portioned meal I have waiting and he wants out. Ok healthier place... Subway 5$ footlongs I can make a few meals out of one. I get the subway melt because that is what I always get. I put spinach on it but that was it and not a whole lot. At 3 inches and half a bag of baked chips I'm full. We go do our shopping, first of the month the store is out of whole milk and many other things. We stop buy the bakery and deli, while I peruse the sushi the kids convince the hubby and then a very tired me that we need mini desserts. I thought what the hell I can have a small something. We get home where I then sit on the couch where I eat the entire rest of my sandwich, veg out on Pinterest, and eat half of each of my desserts and one of my smart ones desserts. Went to bed later than I wanted to because I couldn't stop watching the Dr Pol marathon. So here I am Thursday morning tired as all get out, not hungry, sore, and a bit cranky. Happy New Year to me.
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