Primal start to 2014

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I -- better said, my whole family -- made a strong nutritional start to the new year. I should note that we didn't go out to any New Years Eve parties so we avoided the temptation of festive junk food. Stayed up watching "Dr. Who" videos with my teen daughter and watching the crowds in Times Square and thinking, "Man, that is way too many people for me!"

Anyhow, here's how we greeted 2014:
Breakfast: homemade yoghurt from raw milk with apples, nuts, and sunflower seeds. Had a large mug of chai tea with lots of cream.

Lunch: praise be to God, my daughter found a great recipe on a paleo breakfast website, originally an Israeli dish: five of our own duck eggs with sauteed onions, cooked in organic canned tomatoes, spiced up with hot sauce. We agreed that in an ideal world we'd be able to eat it with a nice crusty loaf of bread, but it was quite tasty and satisfying even without it.

Dinner: we used the last of our summer squash - what a blessing the squash harvest was this fall, making many good meals and saving us a bunch of money - baked with butter, and filled with browned chorizo beef sausage, served with a side of spinach seasoned with salt, garlic powder, and sesame seed oil.

Dessert: my wife and daughter shared an organic orange; I split a chocolate truffle with my daughter (it was her's - very generous of her). And I'm finishing a nice glass of milk as I write this.

The day was somewhat stressful in having to tend to a sick cat, but the good food definitely helped everyone feel better in all sorts of ways. And it's nice to know we started the year strong. I can't wait for the next meal! emoticon
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