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Plateau? Or Self Sabotage?

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Today is day 6 of my streak!

I've been at a plateau for so long...or have I? Has it really been a plateau, or has it been self sabotage?

Truth is, its been a little bit of both.

I lost 71 lbs in 2012, and then I hit a plateau towards the end of that year. I didn't freak out about it too much at first. Plateaus are normal. After all, losing 71 lbs was a shock to my body! It probably needed to take a break! So I just kept going along, eating right and exercising. Even though I wasn't losing weight, I could tell I was making progress in other ways. I got better at my workouts. Stronger...more flexible....and my stamina increased. My body was changing. I was getting firmer all over, even though there was (and is) still a layer of fat on top. I went from wearing size 3x t-shirts to wearing size XL. I had much to be proud of, and I was!

But then 2013 came, and the plateau hung on. I was stuck right where I was, in those XL t-shirts. I had a closet full of size L t-shirts waiting for me, but I wasn't getting any closer to fitting into them. And then one day, in frustration, I decided to give myself a little treat. I went out to lunch with my son, and I didn't look for the healthiest thing on the menu. I ordered whatever I wanted, and that included dessert.

Don't get me wrong...its okay to have a treat sometimes. One bad meal won't make you fat, just like eating one salad won't make you thin! But unfortunately, I started treating myself more and more often. I would get back on track, and I would eat right for a couple of weeks. But then I'd get discouraged, because I didn't see any progress. And that would lead to another "treat." To be honest, some of these treats were more than just a snack or even a meal. Some of them were total binges. I would binge for a few days, and I would feel the weight come back on. My size XL t shirts would get a little snug. And then I'd say "Uh oh, time to get back to work." And then I'd go back to eating healthy again.

I should add here that even during the times when I was binging, I never stopped my workout program. I kept right up with my DDP Yoga, Weight Loss Cardio Kick, and all my other workout DVD's. I worked out just about every day. But here is another little saying which I should have kept in mind more often, and that is "You can't out exercise bad nutrition!"

So the truth is, the reason I didn't lose any more weight in 2013 is partly because I was at a plateau, and partly because I was sabotaging myself. I allowed the plateau to frustrate me time and time again, and I never gave myself enough time to truly get OVER that plateau. Two weeks of eating right and working out with no progress would always lead me to a binge. I'd gain a few pounds, and have to lose them again. And then I'd be stuck right there, and once again I would give up and binge, and gain those pounds back.

I deserve better than this! And because I am my own hero, I know that no one else is going to save me from this. Its up to me! And I am going to do it. I am going to eat right, and continue to workout. No matter how long it takes to beat this plateau, I am going to be patient. My only New Years resolution is to love myself more, and that means I will not sabotage myself anymore!

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