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Sally Goes Shopping Alone

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

When I was a kid we used to read a story by that title, an old book which was my mother's when she was a kid. Yesterday it was me, not Sally, that went shopping alone, and actually had fun. I am not usually a fan of shopping, especially for clothes. Yesterday I discovered it is WAY more fun now that I am at my goal weight.

I am on vacation from work until the 7th, but my husband had to return yesterday. I had no specific commitments, so decided to just enjoy myself. I took him to work, and then went to the Fitness Center and did my weight lifting circuit. Had the gym completely to myself! That was fun. Put on my favorite oldies radio station and just did my thing. (What do you bet the gym will be full on January 1st?) Then I drove to the Physical Therapy place where they also have gym equipment and ran on the elliptical for 35 minutes (torched 443 calories in that time--I think a personal record so far!) Did some ab work and stretching, and enjoyed a nice shower there.

Next I went to Fred Meyer and browsed through the clothes. I kept finding myself in the "women's clothing" or "plus sizes" and had to hunt around for the sections with smaller clothes. I bought a cute little black swimming skirt to wear over my swimsuit. My suit has those french-cut legs that don't look good on 50+ ladies, but I don't like the regular shorts I have been wearing over it. I also got some more great warm leggings and tights. I tried on two pair of pants, a size 10 and a size 8. To my amazement I could get them both on just fine, but they were both too big in the waist! Usually trying on pants is a horrible experience, involving sizes in the teens (sometimes the high teens) and frequently episodes where things only come up to my knees and get stuck. This was very nice for a change.

Next I strolled through BiMart, picking up a few needed odds and ends, including a magnetic clip for using in the gym. It works great to hold my chart of sets/reps/weight for the weight machines when I'm doing strength training. By this time it had gotten to be 11:30, so I took my lunch bag to my daughter's home and visited her and her hubby while I ate my lunch.

Then I headed for a nearby town, about 20 minutes away, where I shopped at two used clothing stores and two fabric/knitting stores. I tried on lots of clothes, which I NEVER have time to do, and found quite a few things that were keepers. I also found some great buttons that will work on my beautiful red coat that I need to alter because now it looks too big and baggy on me. It is my absolute favorite coat I've ever owned, though, and I don't want to give it up, so I'm going to alter it. One of my ideas for altering it involves lapping it over farther, and putting a double row of buttons--thus the need for new buttons. I hope to try to get that project done today, so we'll see how it works. I also bought a cute brown skirt, SIZE FOUR! Could hardly believe THAT one! Anyway, it was a very fun day.

My last stop (which normally is my ONLY stop when I go shopping) was Winco, where I shopped for groceries for the family. By the time I was ready to grocery shop it was after three, and I had to pick my husband up at 4:30. I never thought I'd actually stay out and about all day, the whole time he was at work! I had to shop quickly (had a list, good thing!) and get home, rush everything into the house and perishables into the fridge, and then back to town quickly. Got there right at the right time.

Today I will stay home all day to make up for being gone all day yesterday. It's the last day of the year, and a good time to do finance things, and get stuff in order for the coming year. I also need to put away all those new clothes. It is so fun to finally have a varied wardrobe of stuff that all fits. The past two years I've worn the same one pair of fat jeans, and the same three jumpers over and over every single day of the year, boring everyone at work to death (well, boring myself anyway--they probably didn't even notice!) Now I actually have several pairs of pants, and lots of cute sweaters and tops, which equals variety. And no clothes left in my collection which are too small. A few are a little too big, but are things I want to alter rather than give away.

I am so excited as I face this New Year, and am looking forward to the experience of learning to maintain my weight. To anyone who might read this blog, Happy New Year to you, and good luck in your own weight management journey!
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    I loved this blog, thanks for sharing!
    I had the same experience when I lost the weight, it was so much fun to have all the variety regular clothes, jeans, everything... I will always remember putting on a mini skirt and staring into the mirror - and liking my image, first time in so many years.
    1807 days ago
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