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Reflections on December '13

Monday, December 30, 2013

emoticon Physical Health:

- Flossing & Retainer: *insert sound of a gong or buzzer*

- Spark goals. I'm about to hit 8 months of 500 minutes per month, and I’m at 6 weeks of 90 minutes per week. I’ve been more consistent (and more confident and motivated!) during December. I’ve been trying to make sure I do a mixture of workouts. I’ve got some Peggy Cappy yoga DVDs I really enjoy (I’m not flexible at all, and she’s okay with that!), my Richard Simmons DVDs, free weights, and hula hoop. I have no excuse to not have *something* to always do!

emoticon Dietary Health:
- Fruits & Veggies. December has been much better in this department, particularly for veggies. I’ve packed the freezer with frozen veggies, and they are really easy to steam either on the stove or in the microwave with a meal. And I’ve found myself craving them! Fruits are slowing improving. I’ve been eating bananas, canned pineapple and peaches, and I just got some little oranges (nectarines?).

- Fats. I have continued to cut back on boxed snacks and, therefore, trans fats and quite a bit of saturated fats. I think this has been a major, major factor in my triglycerides going down as much as they have. I’m still incorporating ground flax seed and olive/sunflower seed/vegetable oil into recipes in place of butter. Sometimes it changes the texture or taste a bit, but many times I really can’t tell or am not bothered at all by the way things turn out. One bad thing: I have eaten a lot of dump cake over the holidays. And there’s no way around butter in that recipe!

- Carbs. I haven’t been eating as much as usual, because I’ve been substituting veggies as a snack between ¼ and ½ of the time that I am hungry between meals. So I’ve increased my veggie intake and decreased my chip, toast, goldfish, etc. intake.

- Protein. I’ve actually been craving meat a lot lately, so maybe I haven’t been doing stellar in this category. But tonight I had beans and (brown) rice for dinner, and I’ve been eating a crap ton of edamame, so I think I’m doing okay.

- Water. December has not been a good month for water. Actually, my entire appetite, extending to even water has been pretty dulled. It’s possible it’s due to a medication I am currently on. I’ve started carrying a water bottle around the house with me so I can sip water every time I remember I need to.

- New discovery?: I don’t know if I can drink milk anymore. I used to be a huge lover of milk. I remember growing up, my mom would bemoan all of the milk we would go through. I really didn’t think it was me. I assumed it was a group effort. However, after I moved out, she said they practically never buy milk anymore! My in-laws still think of me as the girl that drinks a lot of milk. While I haven’t drank straight up milk in a long time, I swear that after a bowl of cereal I get stomach and intestinal cramps. Can a person develop issues with milk?? Cheese and ice cream seem to be fine, but milk -- I don’t think so. Maybe that will be a good way to get me to eat something better than cereal in the mornings!

emoticon Mental/Emotional Health:
- Work. I am loving part-time work like you wouldn’t believe.

- Home. Really great. I get to spend a lot more quality time with my husband and my pets and on my hobbies. I’m able to help out around the house a lot more and can be quite the machine when it comes to doing laundry! (Though I still don’t love matching socks …)

- Outdoors. It’s cold. I have never liked the cold. I do not think I will ever adjust to wintertime. However, there was a lovely snow, and I got to take some pretty pictures of it.

- Getting Creative. I’ve been knitting like crazy, and I’m hopefully going to be soon opening an Etsy shop where I will sell some knitted goods and donate the profits to the Lustgarten Foundation. They fund pancreatic cancer research.

emoticon Spiritual Health (A fuzzy, but important category for me):
- I think that 2013 has been the start of quite a spiritual journey for me. It has been very cool to contemplate my soul’s journey, my connection with others both in the physical world and the spiritual, and to explore new concepts that were totally unknown to me before. Honestly, this has been my most “productive” category by far lately.

emoticon Social Health:
- Important People. I’ve been okay on and off during December. Some folks I was better at connecting with than others, but I suppose that is the way that life works. My goal for January is to get in touch with my friend S. in particular. She has gone through some major life changes, and I have retreated since my grandma’s death and need to open back up with her.

- Letter writing. Well, none of my pen pals have written me this month, so my typewriter has sat unused. However, my husband and I did get off 40+ Christmas cards. It’s a chore every year, but it feels great to get them all out!

emoticon Personal Takeaways for December:
- Best Thing of the Month. Growing in self-confidence in all aspects: feeling confident in what my body can do and how it can improve; growing into myself and feeling comfortable with just being me and not trying to please everyone; my spectacular spiritual growth, which I think touches all aspects of my life.

- Room for Most Improvement. Fruits. And also, I’d love to do better than 500 minutes next month. I always cut it pretty close, but get those minutes in. I’d like to get “extra” minutes in sometimes too.

- Highlighted Food Goal for January. More fruits.

- Highlighted Fitness Goal for January. Maybe go crazy and make a fitness schedule that incorporates several types of fitness per week: yoga, cardio, weight training.
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