Please remember me in your prayers.

Monday, December 30, 2013

After a swollen gland/lump in my neck did not respond to medication and some time, my doctor sent me for a CAT scan of the neck with contrast. I have never had any pain at all, including the typical sore throat. So I went Friday with just some minor apprehension and a lot of faith.

This morning the doctor's office called me and they want me to have a follow up CAT scan of the chest also with contrast. When I asked about the results of the first one they told me the report simply showed a soft tissue mass in the neck which could or could not be a gland. But the radiologist had seen two nodules, one in each lung, and they want a better look at the entire chest.

As you may know I am a Respiratory Therapist, never smoked, and over 37 years in the field I've heard those words many times to many patients and with many different outcomes. I have to admit I had a split second of panic and then faith and reason set in. It could be an artifact but it's better to be safe than sorry later. And so, my friends, I'm asking you for your prayers. I haven't said anything to my Father because I don't want to worry him. He grieved so badly for my Mother and then for my husband, Russ, that I asked God then, and now, to please let me outlive him, if only by minutes. I don't ever want to see him so grief stricken again. We were so blessed to have both my Mother and Russ in our lives. Dad and I are so very, very close and blessed to have had such love in our lives. God bless, my friends!
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