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Saturday, December 28, 2013

I happen to LOVE New Year's Eve and Day. I do. The time is MY time to do as I parties. It is MY time to reflect and be at home. The real world shall return soon enough.

I never make resolutions. I actually do not believe in them for myself. Oh sure, I would like to do this or that, but personally, I understand the HOW with planning and not empty promises to keep.

2013 has not been my favorite year. It has been unkind to be quite frank. Seems like 2013 was always something. Always something. My never ending teeth was suppose to be done December 2013. The easiest tooth was saved for last and to make a long story shall be the worse one to deal with. I cannot tell you how heavy that weighs on my mind. I am dreading February and the months afterwards....but alas....that is a little over a month away!

Our major ice storm certainly threw a damper on the end of the year parade. We still do not have our own power...but.....borrowed from our neighbors. I cannot totally complain......others are still without. I will be glad when the live wires are gone from our back yard and we have fully restored power.

When we were totally without power and water, we ate out a lot. Winter without is different than Summer without. In the Summer we used our grill and bought ice. Yes, we can and have lost a lot of food in the Summer, but we had the pool to cool down and it wasn't as hard as the cold.

I should have been in my glory for eating out. I am a fast food take out type of person and should have been in 7th heaven. TO be honest, I was SICK! of it. I hated it. I could do breakfast and lunch just fine at work, but the evening meal was hard. I chose the best that I could, but it was still off. I wanted HOT comfort filling food and a cold dead salad was NOT going to cut it with me.

Never thought I would hate take out. I use to feel like I was getting away with something beforehand. Now....I never want to see a restaurant again. I want my own food.

I am NOT waiting to the NEW YEAR to do so. I want to get back to eating healthy....for me........and ONLY me. I actually said enough and started back yesterday. It has been all power foods and I can already see and FEEL the difference.

When I joined weight watchers three years ago.....I didn't join to lose weight. I was not ready for that. I joined so that I would NOT gain anymore weight. True. is MY choice to eat healthy. I am not disillusioned. I realize I shall have moments of wanting to go back to my old ways of game playing with my points. I understand this possibility...perhaps reality, but for now ......I don't want too....and that is a HUGE step for me.

I have decided to follow the simply filling technique. I love the idea of the 49 and the ap points to streamline my food intake. I love the simple start and am grateful for the visuals and suggestions that I have already started to incorporate into my day.

I want to be HEALTHY.......and be active! ...the number on the scale shall coincide with my actions and one I am NOT to fret over.

I never quit weight watchers......even though I may have quit on myself....I never quit.

It took me a LONG time to actually get it...get me.......

I am not ashamed......and I can hold my head up high.......for I didn't quit.......and that me three years ago....and the wonderful leaders/friends I have...the program itself.........I truly thank. If it weren't for me...the program..the meetings..the leaders...the friends.......I may not have fully .....finally ....understand.....that ......I am truly ready to be the person...the person......I once was...and shall be once again.


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