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10 Step Wellness Plan for 2014

Saturday, December 28, 2013

***please note - NOT a resolution plan!!***

On the Beyond the Scale team, we are cautioned to not make resolutions for 2014, but to make goals for the new year. Also, on my Start page on SP, there was an article to be read about making a wellness plan for 2014. This, to me, seemed to be the perfect fit for the BTS, so I did my wellness plan for next year. Here it is:

1. Write out SMART goals
- lose 20 lbs. by Alaska trip (June1,2014)
- lower sodium to 2800mg per day
- walk my first 5K in May
- finish all tracking by midnight every night
- make ST workouts 30 minutes long 3 times per week

2. power through obstacles by naming them
- have to learn to read at night in the living room and not at kitchen table
- close kitchen at midnight (get home from work @10PM)
- stop thinking "oh, just one won't hurt!" - because it will!

3. Plan your solutions to obstacles
- reading in living room after 11PM
- consider putting my feet up in recliner as a reward at night instead of eating as reward
- ST alternating with swimming (ST Tues., Thurs., Sat., - swimming M, W - walking Th., Su.)
- workout on Nautilus machines with my swimming buddy
- de-clutter all closets and get rid of junk - keeps me busy at home during day and out of the junk foods!

4. Journal everything
- have to buy a new notebook first
- blog here more
- keep up with team chat and FB

5. Accept where you are right now versus where you would like to be and work to bridge that gap
- change attitude about how long it takes to lose the weight
- go back on trackers and see what I did at the beginning - how did I lose 40 lbs. in 6 months?

6. One step at a time
- take weight loss slowly
- add more ST to tighten up loose skin and muscles
- add longer walking times

7. learn from setbacks and write them down. then turn them into positives!
- Christmas candy and cookies and party foods - oh my! give them away!
- don't be tempted by "it's only once" at dinners out
- eat half as much when eating out and bring the rest home for the next day

8. clean "house". which activities are not contributing to my overall purpose and remove them
- less computer time and less sitting
- get busier (see #3)
- plan, then execute that plan!

9. Stop comparing yourself to others
- don't think anyone is better because they've lost a lot of weight. how healthy are they compared to me?
- don't think I am better because I have lost 55 pounds!
- others may be more focused or their weight loss is at beginning and easier

10. reward yourself with non-food items!
- bath in Jacuzzi
- try on clothes in the Misses' dept.
- browse through my library
- buy and read a book on Kindle
- catch up on DVR'd shows
- craft with BFF
- window shopping with DD
- go for a longer drive in nice weather - look for new places to walk
- rest more to keep lungs rested

this sounds like a lot, but really is doable for the next year. I have done so much already this year and really feel I can do more in 2014. I have to focus and be determined and keep pushing myself to be a "NIKE" -

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