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Felt JUST WONDAHFUL !!! Todays exercise

Friday, December 27, 2013

If ur a normal readah,, you know that exercise is NOT AT ALL easy for me. I had the 2 surgs ,, one in Aug ,, the othah in Nov,,,, which made a total of 17 on feet. So today is my FRIST day of even TRYING to walk again.

I went with a friend to home Depot,,, prob about the ONLY place that was NOT extremely busy,, though I LOL DID See a lady returning a gift,, of a TOILET,,, I wondered "is her H still ALIVE"??? LOLOLOLOL

The friend I was w/wanted a steamer, and had looked at them online,, but of COURSE they did NOT have the one she wanted to look at,,, there. SIGH !! So she and I after picking up a few things I wanted,,, went up front,, were asked "Did you find everything"? She said "NO, you NEVER have what I WANT" so the girl bend OVAH backwards trying to help her,,, we walked and walked.

By the time we left,,, I had been on my feet, for 45 mins !! My normal has been 5 or UNDAH !! Tonight I am NOT sore,,, remains to see if my foot swells way up again tomorrow for it's STILL SOME swollen,, hopefully tomorrow will be Ok.

I LOVE that this happened,, and that so "FAH" my foot is NOT throbbing as pre normal. hmmmm MAYBe the surg DID WORK??? I HOPE SO !!!

NEVAH GIVE UP !! Where there's a WILL, there's a WAY,,, even when walking,,,something MOST take for granted has been taken away from ya for yrs. I REMAIN VERY HOPEFUL. I was on my crutches,,, and did lean upon them a lot.
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